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MY TOP 5 BULKING SECRETS | Eating Tips and Recipes to Build Muscle

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Hey guys, in response to my last video, a lot of you wanted to see bulking tips! So here we go! Enjoy these tips and recipes. Thank me later once you’ve tasted the pasta …


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  1. I've been eating more but its goin to my stomach so I'm not getting muscle just gettin fat. And yes I'm eating good carbs and healthy foods

  2. Pasta recipe more than 1500 cals ?

  3. Thats a like, no worries (Y)

  4. Unagi sauce doesn’t have eel in it. You pour it onto the eel.

  5. whos siri turned on when he said “hey siri, set a timer for 8 minutes”? 😂💀

  6. Green Monster tastes weird to me idk maybe I'm the weirdo

  7. Bruh my timer went on for 8 minutes XD

  8. When you put the macros in the screen u put 107 calories for the Mac and cheese do u just not put the last number ?

  9. Zac what brand protein powder do you use ?

  10. Eel sauce if made FOR eel not from eel. 😀 it's just thickened soy sauce with sugar… https://www.quora.com/When-I-eat-sushi-what-is-the-eel-sauce-made-of

  11. Omg 👀 that macaroni dish👅💧💧💧💧

  12. why does ur accent suddenly become more american during the macaroni dish?

  13. Oil on bacon😂😂😂

  14. Dope recipe I just made myself the pasta meal. Thanks!

  15. God dammit set my timer off 🙄

  16. Talk to much…. terrible video dumb

  17. Actually set a timer on my phone 😂

  18. U didn’t buy woolies chicken how dare you

  19. It’s crazy how much you’ve matured dude

  20. Zac, what kind of SARMS should I take for bulking brah?

  21. Can you make a video about making the granola plz

  22. you know the mans is well off when he buys PRE-SLICED MUSHROOMS

  23. So.. I have a Question;
    Say you're eating the Normal 2,500 Calories that your Body needs while you start working out, Would you still gain Muscle or would you just stay the same?

  24. Can you do a video on Monster energy drinks and the health benefits of drinking green monsters every day?

  25. Monster sponsored? Lol green ones are the shit tho

  26. This is great, now my calves will finally get bigger with these bulking tips

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