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Neoliberal Anxiety: Depression, Loneliness, and Suicide under Late Capitalism

Content Warning: Mental illness, suicide.

Across the developed world, people are becoming more anxious, more depressed, and unfortunately, in some cases more suicidal, even as neoliberalism has nominally delivered on its promise of material prosperity. But this isn’t a new phenomenon: our social bonds have been dissolving for decades, so video games, TV, and social media can’t be to blame. What’s going on?

In this video, we examine anxiety and depression as symptoms not of individual neurological defects, but of the social and economic world around us.


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  1. What i find amazing is if you go to the top clip of that charlie day job meme its a bunch of people talking about the struggles of being unemployed and trying to find a job.

  2. I learned a lot from this video. I wish I seen it before I made my video "how your boss is killing you" we share a lot of similar points, great minds think a like!

  3. Really grateful for this video.

    RIP Mark Fisher

  4. It’s not just the economy. It’s primarily a lack of a proper moral code in America. Next, universities teaching kids that life is nothing less than a constant battle which they will suffer all throughout. And combine that with shrinking freedom and boom! There ya go

  5. great video. I dont know why it doesnt have more views

  6. One for the Al Gore Rhythm

  7. The unemployment numbers are also cooked… Just for the record. People are dropped from the work force which makes the number of jobless people inconsistent with the number of technically "unemployed" people.

  8. I am sure we are at the break of a new stage of society, just as the church lost its power in Europe even with every string in their hands to be taken over by economy. Economy will lose its grip with enough people just not being happy with how the system operates, that's just society evolving, sadly it's always hard living in a society not suited for one until the shift happens, but that's a sacrifice one has to make for progress

  9. this was a really good video! I'm so glad youtube put it in my recommended videos. Its really getting good at finding me content, seriously so happy about it!

  10. Seize the means of socialization.

  11. Unemployment in the U.S. is not measured accurately. It doesn't reflect the situation in the U.S. 1/3 of jobs pay less than $12 an hour by design because the whole system can only be sustained with more debt.

  12. This video makes some excellent points. Based on my own personal experience, I'd say there are two other reasons why the social fabric of our society is collapsing:

    1) The toxic nature of the employer/employee relationship. Most managers I've worked for were condescending tyrants who had absolute control over every aspect of my behavior while I was on the job. They used every available opportunity to flaunt their authority in subtle, passive-aggressive ways… knowing full-well that there was little I could do to push back, without being written up or fired. When most of your human interaction occurs in such a cancerous environment, you start to lose your trust in human nature. By the time the weekend rolls around, you want as little to do with other people — even family and friends — as possible.

    2) The absolute, unnatural separation between "work" and "play". When you're at work, you are stripped of your humanity and treated like a machine whose sole purpose is to churn out a profit for your corporate masters. I can't tell you how many times I was made to feel personally responsible for being "lazy" during downtime, and forced to invent the most absurdly trivial, meaningless tasks out of thin air to keep myself producing. Heaven forbid you take a minute or two to have a brief conversation with a co-worker… or check the weather online, or shoot your spouse a quick text asking what's for dinner. By the time the weekend rolls around, you feel so mentally exhausted and resentful from the constant pressure of having to appear busy that you have little motivation to do anything other than sit on the couch and stare blankly at the TV screen.

    The only thing more maddening than how evil the system is, is that so many people have been brainwashed into thinking that this is the best way — or even the only possible way — for us to exist.

  13. this videos are the best

  14. This video puts some grounds on things I only had an intuitive feeling for.

  15. A very similar argument is put forth in the book Sacred Economics by Charles Eisenstein.

  16. Good stuff! Love the seamless integration of your sources. Always nice when people do that. Look forward to future vids!

  17. Excellent video! Articulate and well-researched.

    Also, as a college student coming from a working class family, the anxiety stemming from economic precarity resonates with me on a profound level. Subscribed!

  18. Agree, but it comes across a bit dismissive of medication.

    Meds work. Meds save lives. Meds are only part of improving mental health.

  19. this is good. you did good.

  20. Came here from /r/breadtube. Love your stuff! Keep it up!

  21. Your sources reference something called the gig economy a few times? What does that mean?

  22. Social bonds? I'll do as i did at the opioid epidemic LAUGH.

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