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New Blood Pressure Guidelines: Mayo Clinic Radio

Nephrologist Dr. Sandra Taler discusses the new blood pressure guidelines which affect millions of Americans. This interview originally aired Dec. 16, 2017.


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  1. 3 minutes in and I'm still waiting for the blood pressure numbers and meanings 😒

  2. What about magnesium deficiency…potassium deficiency or what about gut health. When you have stomach issues…it make your heart work harder. It sends signals to your brain because your gut is goin haywire.

  3. What a load of rubbish. Change the goal posts to get more people on drugs. Big Pharma makes more dosh.

  4. This is making my blood pressure go through the roof!

  5. can you elaborate on low BP plz?

  6. For nearly 16 years, I have been taking BP that I should have never been exposed to. During said period I changed locations and as a result doctors, none of those SOB even bothered to find out what the real cause is other than keep re-writing same medication, which I was given in the first place. I'm 76 and have a neither healthy life style never smoked nor drink much, I jog at least 7 miles 6 days a week do 100 X 3 push up and other exercises. Last year I decided to take control of my BP by cutting medication to half and after few months cut it to quarter and last month completely stopped it. My BP has always been under 120/60 with exception of few days that goes under 130/70. At this point I have given up on all general practitioners in this country whom I consider pharmaceutical companies marketing / agents. Regretfully, our corrupt politicians and worse than them our deeply corrupt and dysfunctional government is at service of corporations at all cost to people of this country. No wonder pharmaceutical companies consider us their guinea pigs.

  7. Let’s keep changing the numbers until we get everyone on blood pressure medication.

  8. That's how you sell more drugs!

  9. Diet and exercise. These people are pos drug dealers and healthy people don't make them money !

  10. Im 138/85 is that normal please someone answer me

  11. Nothing like selling more f*cking drugs. They have done the same crap with cholesterol.

  12. 100 million more pills to sale

  13. She said as u age blood pressure rises, so nature telling old people need more pressure to get thing done or it may cause memory loss etc.

  14. People are getting wise to the Statins graft so they have to regroup and come up with some other means to extract money from the public. lets change the blood pressure range and bring millions more into the category of being medicated for an illusionary medical condition.

  15. Other Drs. Know,why don't you? They can all get…. Sell those meds,scare the people,make your money

  16. More doctor visits……more money.

  17. More peoples deaths staged and designed by drug companys for profits..

  18. Folks when you have sex your blood pressure goes up, it's a normal body function, the key is to do everything in moderation and stay calm, and relaxed because a continuous high blood pressure could damage kidneys and you may need dialysis but high blood pressure is the symptom your kidney is damage is caused by lifestyles choice's like being angry all the time coupled with high sodium intake, etc

  19. Well i am 44 and all my life or since i know myself well my BP has been and still is 120/80…excl a very few times when got elevated up to 130/85 for a short amount of time….i am getting confused….should i consider myself healty or not????…i believe big pharma is playing with us

  20. I went to doctor because I strained my back and she was only concerned about my blood pressure and wanted to instantly give me pills, she even said I'm African American therefore I needed pills!

    But she never asked have I been checking it, in fact I check it daily and it only goes up when I go hours without eating, and the reason it was high was because my back was hurting so bad that I couldn't eat, throbbing muscle spasms are no joke!

    She never tried to get to the cause of my elevated pressure

  21. This is bull!

    Folks buy you a home monitor and check it throughout the day, and it should fall around 130/90

    Keep in mind if you're hungry your pressure goes up by 20 points

  22. She said that she don’t know the cause! So you’re pushing more drugs to millions, wow

  23. They say they dont know so basically they r flat out liars. They know exactly what causes it and its not salt!!! They change the numbers to sell more meds. We are not stupid!!!! Right of passage??? c'mon. If they don't know how to fix something without meds they say everyone will get it eventually.

  24. Clever way to make a few extra bucks by moving the goal posts.

  25. We don't have to go in and get it checked. We can check it our damn selves.

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