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Newwear Q8 Smartwatch with Continuous Heart Rate and Blood Pressure Monitoring: Unboxing & Review

Newwear Q8 0.95 inch OLED Color Screen Blood Pressure Smart Watch: https://bit.ly/2x9WJYX

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The Q8 smartwatch has been provided by BangGood for review. Many thanks to our viewers for making this YouTube site popular and to BangGood for their support. If you are interested in purchasing this Q8 smartwatch, please use the link listed above. It will help us receive more watches to review for you in the future. Thanks!

Tethering app:
Hey Band – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.oudmon.bandvt

This watch hasn’t left my wrist since I unboxed it to check it out. I really like it, and these days I’m hard to impress. What is exceptionally nice is the tethering app, Hey Band. In fact, most of this review is about the app and all its features. With large icons and bold watch faces, this watch can be viewed outdoors fairly easily.

Important Notices for Blood Pressure Reading Devices –
BIOMETRIC MEASUREMENT WARNING: This device claims to read Blood Pressure without using a cuff to measure actual Blood Pressure directly. The accuracy of the readings HAVE NOT BEEN VERIFIED and MAY NOT BE ACCURATE. As such, you are advised to proceed with caution and to *NOT* rely upon Blood Pressure readings from this or any similar devices for making decisions regarding your medical condition or health. Fitness/Health watches/bands offering biometric measurements such as heart rate, Blood Pressure, blood oxygen, fatigue, breath rate, etc., should be considered supplemental to seeking true and accurate readings taken under optimal conditions by trained professionals using accurate, calibrated equipment. If you feel concerned about your health, do not self-diagnose, especially from using inexpensive, uncalibrated non-medical wearable devices such as this one. Seek proper medical advice. Enjoy your new toy, but remember, it is a toy.

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  1. Hi there. Had the watch a couple of days. Did you know there is a game on the watch. Long press on the distance screen.Move arm left or right to move spacecraft.My high score 1479…keep up the good work.

  2. Review hiperdeal smart watch from AliExpress

  3. How to track your sleep is it automatic or you need to set something? What if you sleep in day Time?

  4. The screen stopped working. Anyone know how to do a reset? Thanks

  5. Is there sedentary reminder on this?

  6. Hi @smartwatch ticks do you still recommend the watch after using it 7 months? Is it for long term use? Any discoloration or dysfunction?

  7. Wow! This is pretty damned cool! …and for the price, you CAN'T BEAT IT!

  8. My watch doesnt connect to my phone anymore. It says i need to make my smartwatch ready for bluetooth connection. Any idea how this works? I only worked the first two days..

  9. Hi to all!
    I just received a smartwatch and while searching for manuals, I came across this review on the YouTube. Since I could not find any other help, I decided to ask all you fellow for help 🙂
    My watch works properly, but I noticed one thing: when I receive a call, for some calls the watch displays the caller ID (with the name as saved in my Contacts on my phone), but in some cases it shows just the number, so I do not see on the watch who's calling.
    Did some of you also maybe had a problem with this? I just don't seem to understand why.
    I would appreciate any kind of advice or help.

  10. hello good afternoon I wanted to make a suggestion at the time of exhibiting the articles would be good that you also show how is the performance in the notification functions of social networks thank you very much

  11. Can you manage your music tracks with this watch?

  12. Does this watch have a SIM card slot or is it strictly bluetooth?

  13. Hey. How can i connect the Watch with the App?

  14. Could someone tell me where to get some new bands for this watch? I just purchased this watch online and can't seem to fine any. Thanks.

  15. How do you change from km to miles? cm to inches?

  16. compare with mi band 3. wich one is better? this Q8 or mi band 3 ?

  17. Hello Mr Ticks, from an English girls point of view, your voice is very sexy 😁 but….can you see the screen outside in the sunlight?

  18. Hello!As soon as it has amoled display is it possible to make it to show time always like function always on display?

  19. Hi, Do you know any watch with oxygen and blood pressure monitoring being at least 100m waterproof?

  20. Hi mate.. got this fitness tracker.. it doesn't work good for hiit training.. Hart rate jumps All over the place. Can you recommend a cheap smart band for hiit training?

  21. battery went dead. charging cable ok. How to change battery?
    battery model and where to get it, thanks

  22. Can I change of song using the Smartwatch?

  23. heart rate not working… 🙁 any solution? whn i ware the watch then start counting any mesuring ,its saying ware the watch properly

  24. Hello amazing review.
    Do you know if i can control music with this?
    Also do you have a better watch than this for the same price?

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