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No Jump Cardio ✨ 30 MIN Total Body Fat Burner

This is a NO JUMPING workout you can do at home 🙌 Yes! You can totally burn fat, lose weight and get in shape WITHOUT jumping!!!
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Hey Workout Buddies ❤

Today, I have a new NO JUMP Cardio workout for you guys! We’re starting with a 5 minute warm up… followed by 2 sets of low impact body weight exercises that will effectively make you lean… and finishing off with a yoga infused cool down.

I think you guys will really enjoy doing this workout!

Let me know your questions / concerns / random thoughts in the comment section below. LOVE to hear from you guys!


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  2. Do i need to stretch before this workout?

  3. I'm a new subscriber and I just wanna say thank you so much I loved this workout it was the perfect ratio of doable to challenging i hope to see your channel grow bc you deserve it <3

  4. This workout seems pretty helpful, but i have noticed that your posture has been off a bit(like holding a plank).Not trying to hate!!!But in general keep up the good work!!!

  5. Low impact is perfect, and definitely does not mean it's easy. Thank you!

  6. Is this okay to do this in 2x if you don't have time?

  7. for some reason i thought this was going to be easy. wrong 😆perfect for a headachy morning where jumping was not an option.

  8. I love your videos! They work so much better than all the other I tried!, I’m going to share with my friends

  9. OMG I wished I found your channel sooner! Your videos really helped me understand my body type as well as how to slim them down. Thank You so much. You deserve way more attention!

  10. omg 30 so long lol! but i need it!

  11. can you please do a thigh slimming stretch video, like you did with your calves? Because I’m loving it, but really want one for my thigh too❤️

  12. God youre an ANGEL.I legit found gold.Pissed i found you so late but now that im here.Thankyooooo soooo much.And btw,sometime in the future,would love to see some shoulder flab workouts.And maybe some workout for the chest.But like,slimming the chest instead of lifting.Again,thankyou.You a blessing <3

  13. hi ! thank you for this workout ! i need this 😂😅 . i have one question : do you now aproxymately how many calory this workout burn ? ( sorry for my bad english, it ´ s not my first langage )
    love from France 🇫🇷

  14. Hello. I'm new to your channel but I love it so much. I have a question. I'm not really fat but I want to loose weight so much and want to have a more slim figure. Most of the problem is with my thighs and my butt, but I want to loose weight from every part of my body. I don't have weigh at home and I can't go to gym. Can you recommend me the best workout of yours which will help me the best to reach my goal? Thank you so much! Love you!❤️

  15. Hii i'm ur new subscriber…i want to lose my weight…i am girl…my age is 19 height is almost 5.1 nd weight is 51…i have heavy calves nd too much belly fat…can u plz tell me how much calories i have to take in a day to lose my weight…plz guide mee…and which tym is suitable for exc …

  16. had so much fun doing this workout! definitely gonna be sore tomorrow haha

  17. Yoooo lena you know what's cool seeing your channel grow 😁👍you put so much effort into these fitness programs to make not only helpful but entertaining videos. Hope to see you reach 70k and beyond soon! Much love Peter & yen!

  18. you deserve so many more subs omg

  19. How can you do these workouts with your hair down and be so relaxed and calm while doing these workouts lol I look like something no one has ever seen before hahah

  20. Gaaal ❤We definitely have a telepathic communication, this is perfect for my routine, your routines for slim legs are bright. please do more cardio routines like these where you do not have to jump or involve any kind of movement that makes the legs grow and get muscular, I want to include cardio to my routine but I really do not know what to do and I've been avoiding it because most of the routines I find are with jumps or exercises that involve very abrupt movements where most of the strength and tension are done by the legs and calves, basically everything you taught us to avoid if we want to achieve thin legs. 🙄 need cardio routines that can be combined with your routines for thin legs that are totally safe to do where they do not cause the legs to grow and do the opposite effect haha ​​I can not stress enough I want to do cardio but I do not want to have the opposite effect

  21. Thank you!💪💪💪❤
    Love your videoss

  22. I'm back xD Time for the Slim Legs Program. I am exited to start it. Wish me luck 😉

  23. Love it, just did it! I've been following you for a couple months now. Love your workouts! And so happy your channel is growing.

  24. Lena can you share some tips, advice or tutorial about taking care of skin like yours…

  25. I follow your programs about calves slimming and since jumping can cause bulky muscle on calves i think this 30 minutes cardio will part of my working out schedule

  26. I had a minor surgery two weeks ago 😭 + can’t wait to do this after recovery 🥳

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