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Nude Yoga – Would You Try It ?

Nude Yoga – Would You Try It?
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Nude yoga is not a mainstream yoga form. It ignites great contradiction and controversy by way of challenging individual’s ideas and customary ways of thinking. Although naked yoga is not suited to everyone, those practicing the art find their naked yoga classes an approach that aids in further developing and advancing their experience and unity of mind, body and soul.

So why substitute nude yoga as an alternative to the ‘normal’ everyday yoga class, and what really is the difference? In fact, the yoga poses are not any different to what you would find at your more common Hatha yoga or Bikram yoga classes, but you would be performing the usual poses completely naked. Although this may make many of us almost have a heart attack at the very thought, naked yoga is naked for a number of reasons.

Firstly, not only does it strip away competition and superficiality allowing you to focus more on your yoga than on what people around you are wearing, it also aids in developing self esteem for those individuals aspiring to become more comfortable with their body image. Performing yoga positions naked can also provide you with greater motion and flexibility as well as allowing you to achieve proper alignment during poses.

So how do you know if you are suited to this form of yoga and what should you be aware of prior to seeking out a naked yoga class? Generally speaking, the people that benefit from and enjoy nude yoga are individuals that enjoy trying out new things, aspire to improve their body image, want to learn more about yoga and most importantly understand that nudity in yoga has a very different meaning to that of sexuality and sexual behavior. It is very important to gather information about nude yoga centers or classes in your area prior to booking a session. Nude yoga should be run by a qualified yoga practitioner that is devoted to creating a safe and non-threatening environment. The atmosphere should be non-sexual in nature and the atmosphere should be a comfortable and relaxed one. In certain nude yoga classes lights are dimmed, clothes are removed as part of a yoga ritual and focus is always kept on the yoga practice and not those practicing around you. There are certain nude yoga classes that do not follow these guidelines and are groups that have changed the art into a sexual experience. If you are seeking yoga with a hint of sexuality, rather seek out information regarding tantric yoga or classes for couples in your area than joining the first group that you stumble on.

Wrapping up, Nude Yoga is not for everyone but for some it can aid in allowing one to accept one’s body in a natural state and improve the body, mind and soul unity experience desired from yoga practice. I know that for many, even with understanding the benefits of Naked Yoga, the only time they may come close to a 90 minute class of naked yoga would be in the form of an embarrassing and shocking nightmare. The idea here is that you should choose a yoga class that suits you best and allows you to benefit from the art in a setting that makes you the most comfortable, whether it be naked or not.

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