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Nutrition Tips for Cold Weather Running

Coach Elizabeth reviews her best nutrition tips for cold weather running. Staying warm, increasing calorie consumption and regularly consuming immune-boosting foods will keep you healthy and running strong all winter long.

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  1. coach Elizabeth, do you recommend fasted runs on cold winter months? if yes, how long in Kms or time?

  2. Great video!!! So I have been on a kind break for a few months from running. I am getting back into it this week, and of course it is now very cold in the mornings. Is it wise for me start back running outside, or should I start back at my gym on a treadmill at first?.

  3. Great video. I hate that the cold weather is here and getting worse for a few months but good to get your info as usual

  4. Cold layering product reviews? Jackets, base layer, socks,…….

  5. LOL. Filmed in San Francisco.

  6. Hey Coach Elizabeth it’s been cold here in the north for some time now only 4-5 degrees when running in the morning snow won’t be long now. I always wear a buff now during winter months it does give the lungs some warmer moist air to breathe in. 👈 Profile pic is me running in -8 last year it’s doable managing expectations on times is important. But winter training gives great benefits to running in the spring. Glad to see you busting those dance moves again 😉 Soon be time for Coach Elizabeth blooper video?

  7. I live in Florida. Were lucky if it gets 25 in February. I never run in layers.

  8. anything with vitamin E huh?

  9. Stop with so many frame changes.

  10. Question: What are those fueling options that are "easy to grab even when you're in gloves"? I find Shot Bloks freeze and are extremely hard to chew…you have to hold them in your mouth a minute before chewing. Not very practical. Suggestions?

  11. 😊❤️❤️❤️😊

  12. I’m 14 and not good at running I get out of breath fast any tips I what to be come a police officer I know it’s of topical but just curious

  13. When I lived in Alaska, I knew people that would try to gain 10+ lbs before winter.
    Looks like a summer day in this video.

  14. A vest will keep you warm Coach Elizabeth…#avestknows

  15. Your videos are the best for me. Always full of great advice. I love them. THANK YOU.

  16. Thanks Coach, I'm planning my winter training and general conditioning for the winter and this has given me (excuse the pun) food for thought. But really it is a help as I am aiming to stay healthy with no illness this winter, it's going to be a task while working in school with kids, they have so many germs. Thanks Elizabeth.

  17. I was completely wrong about caloric intake needs when comparing cold and warm months. I assumed I was burning more in the summer and needed to take more in during that time due to the amount of sweating, etc. As always, great info Elizabeth!

  18. November- February, I don't run…

  19. I see Elizabeth, I instantly smash the like.

  20. Please!please!please! Stop these ridiculous side shots and short cuts and shots with the camera! I surely don t care about these as I listen to your videos for the infos they provide!
    I do love the attempt but it s getting in the way of the infos!!!

  21. I miss those hot weather months of getting drenched with sweat while running. I know it appears odd but it just seems like an important part of getting in a good run sweating it out.

  22. I was just thinking about this concern, how did you read my mind!?

  23. I love the beanie♡♡♡♡ Thank you for the video.

  24. I am the first person 😎😜🤩

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