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Nutrition Tips for Healthy Living : Aphrodisiac Foods

Aphrodisiac foods include bananas, because of their high level of potassium, chocolate for relaxation and foods which increase circulation, such as fatty fish and ginseng. Find out what foods put people in the mood for love and why chocolate became a staple for Valentine’s Day in this free video on nutrition from a professional wellness counselor.

Expert: Isabelle Simon
Contact: www.herbal-nutrition.net/isimon
Bio: Isabelle Simon has a Bachelor of Science in Wellness Consulting, has been a practicing nutritionist for almost a decade. Currently she owns a wellness consulting business, www.herbal-nutrition.net.
Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz


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  1. @alifshinobi oysters a very good for that also,oyster cocktails are a main ingredient in alot of pornstars

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