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Nutrition Tips That Can Help with Depression and Anxiety

Dr. Nancy White discusses the role diet and nutrition can play in cases of depression or anxiety. She discusses the potential imbalances that occur and what she recommends in terms of diet as part of a help for treatments.


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  1. Costco salmon is Atlantic farmed and full of toxins/antibiotics! Look at the frozen fish and READ ALL LABELS!!! Because of Fukushima, I no longer eat any seafood! 😢

  2. I guess the news hasn't caught up with most in the field of natural healing, that much of the ocean is polluted with you name it, its there. Unless it's grown in a controlled filtered environment that brings things back like it was a few hundred years ago, it's not organic.

  3. Honestly. Almost all health related problems can be cured with nature so you don't really have to find out what you have or don't have to cause any more panic. Consume nature, Live and interact with, flood yourself with what you naturally are and everything else falls into place. Man-made keep us flawed.

    I can bet my life that 90 if not 99% of all symptoms/illness/disease can be cured with nature and raw natural foods and a healthy natural lifestyle. Food is only kickstarts everything and creates a balance for the body by putting everything into place. Once the body is pure its up-to you to decide what to do.

  4. Dead doctors don't lie! That's a fact

  5. you kinda wondering with all this interview the host have done, why is he still look kinda fat?

  6. People need to be taught how to afford organic food IN HIGH SCHOOL.

  7. Good Comments, Doctor. Bottom line, the toxins are there, we got to have a srong immune system or there's trouble. Best Wishes, Always G. Boyce Bazzell (Bazz) For thirty years, a Alternative Health and Wellness Advocate

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