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Omron HeartGuide watch brings blood-pressure measurements to CES 2018

It’s still awaiting FDA submission, but Omron’s watch seen at CES 2018 could make blood pressure measurements a lot easier.

A real blood-pressure smartwatch is coming from Omron this year: https://www.cnet.com/news/omron-heartguide-blood-pressure-smartwatch-ces/

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  1. this is the future of health care doc visit and med taking and health inssurance

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  6. this watch is not for human, only aliens possible to buy. You need alien friend and buy it to him adress.

  7. Any updates? Where are they?

  8. Cool watch, Good review! 👍 Might wanna get your BP checked 119/91. Systolic is good, but your diastolic is hypertension stage 1 😬😵 and your heart rate is high @ 111 (tachycardia).

  9. When will this be available in UK ??

  10. This is an amazing & true piece of technology & it really is since with the push of a bottom automatically everybody can track his blood pressure at any given moment & because of that it can really saved lives on top of all of that can received multiple readings & effects is mini /cute & a great devise to own it .

  11. Sorry Omron. My doctor doesn't think a wrist worn BP monitor is a true measure of blood pressure. The upper arm measurement is the way to correctly get most accurate numbers.

  12. how accurate this watch is? can you elaborate much more on the specification, if so where to buy this watch?….coz ive check amazon its status is "DISCONTINUED by the Manufacturer"

  13. I've deal with ideas that never came to life via FDA etc… It will be decades NOT months or years before this comes to light… You're wasting your time waiting around for this neat watch…

  14. Still haven't seen this watch for sale.


  16. This is already old tech for the chinese smartbands. Omron would not be doing this if they believe chinese heartbands are fake. Now theyre going to take advantage of the market and put their brandname in one of these chinese smartband and sell it at high price coz its OMRON! now thats a smart(band) move.

  17. Omron needs to hurry up or else Apple Watch is going to make this outdated before it even comes

  18. So when is this coming out? Doesn't HP already make a medical grade one of these that reads blood pressure waves? If I recall it needs to be calibrated to each patient with a armband first.

  19. What's the firmware?
    Android Wear???

  20. My thoughts …
    … nice …
    reflective display … 😍 awsome

  21. How much is this. Where could i get one?¿ pls sell this item to malaysia market. Wanna get one for my parent

  22. please tell me when and where I can buy it.

  23. Please make it support the connection to Apple Health!

  24. Does not read blood pressure accurately at all. Always the same normal numbers while different Dr offices and my own personal cuff says dangerously high and that s why I spent my last time buying one was to help me with blood pressure.

  25. I've been hearing about this since 2016 from CES. Always awaiting FDA-approval, always coming out at the end of said year. Haven't seen shit

  26. Always on display. I am sold where do you buy one.

  27. Enough with the new watches already! I'm going to need a 6-foot long arm soon.

  28. Now that's a nice watch for health.

  29. I would like to get one for my mom… I’m just broke…

  30. Add me on Snapchat @kingkj816

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