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Oscillometric blood pressure measurement

Automatic blood pressure monitors use the small pressure changes while deflating the cuff to determine both the systolic and diastolic blood pressure. In this clip we emulate an automatic blood pressure monitor with a standard manually operated cuff. To be able to record the pressure we have added the same sensor which is inside of the automatic blood pressure monitor and plotted its readings together with the ECG.
1st trace: Einthoven II, 2nd trace: pressure, lowpass filtered (5Hz), 3rd trace: pressure, highpass (0.5Hz) and lowpass (5Hz) filtered and amplified by x50.
The omron blood pressure monitor reported before filming at 10am 92/61,91/59 and after filming at 6pm 103/72,95/66. The plot at the end was recorded a week later and the blood pressure monitor reported: 89/66, 88/62, 108/73 and 100/65.


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  1. thank you so much for the video. I would like to ask you, what program did you use to show the actual pressures? thank you

  2. can i know if you can share the theory for the waveform shown at 2:36? appreciate.

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  4. you are my god. i admire you so much.

  5. Accutension lets you see the oscillation and hear the Korotkoff sounds on your phone.

  6. Amazing! Never know this

  7. The demonstrator in this video is beautiful. Glad I had to study this tonite !!

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