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Part 1: Cholesterol (BMA Leeds)

Dr Malcolm Kendrick speaks to Leeds BMA Meeting about why Cholesterol does not cause heart disease.
Please read The High Cholesterol Paradox http://bit.ly/1g6lyFB


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  1. This link is for the 'High Cholesterol Paradox' essay http://bit.ly/1fkGYgb is where it all gets explained

  2. It's all about good and bad cholesterol. And yes to low is bad but to high is deadly

  3. How come Kendrick, like so many other cholesterol skeptics, is fat?

  4. The big killers are alcohol, processed carbs, especially HFCS and sucrose. And the only real killer in the world of fats is trans fats (hydrogenated fats).

    It took me a while to come round to the realisation that intake of fruit above 2 portions a day is also unhealthy. I used to think up to 4 portions a day was ok.

    And I now steer clear of fruit juice (however natural!), just as I'd stay away from coca-cola etc.

  5. In 1950/60s when most errors occurred statistical associations (of LDL with CVD) was confused with causation. We now know from modern glycobiology research it was sugar (AGEs) that actually raised LDL by glycating LDL proteins and LDL receptors BUT a $30,000,000,000 drug industry won't accept that too easily! .

  6. The overwhelming scientific & medical community point to high ldl being a major cause for heart disease & that includes a 100 year^s worth of studies linking too much saturated fat as a cause of ldl. A few fring studies state ldl is not risen with saturated fat bur exclude asking people if they are on statin drugs.Fruits & vegetable,legumes can lower LDL due to fibre,which can counter a saturated fat diet. In primitive cultures(the masai) parasites can est cholesterol making it lower.

  7. The counter to this evidence will be to ignore the truth. To vilify any doctor promoting it and to push ahead with statins for all. Sound extreme? Look across the pond to the US and you will see our future.

    20 Years ago I went to the US and saw the obesity problem. I thought, how are they so different from us. Now all the US foodstuffs are here, junk school meals, High fructose corn syrup and Aspartame.

    The truth will only set us free if we are prepared to defend it.

  8. explains why I haven't had a cold or flu in the past 2 years 🙂 thanks to cholesterol

  9. I went to cardiologist regarding strange chest pain that moves about & comes and goes quickly. All tests came back showing I am perfectly healthy, except for high cholesterol. He immediately wanted to put me on statins! And I'm 27 only years old! I told him no thanks! I started eating lard, walking every day, and my cholesterol dropped 🙂 The chest pain is also going away. Other doctors I saw believe it's a pinched muscle causing the pain.

  10. @cheeryble
    I found this video while looking into statins from this website, lots of info on statins and such here spacedoc.com………

  11. I read Dr Kendricks book and am convinced that the theory is correct. I have seen so many people die of sudden heart disease and they all fit the criteria. Unfortunately so do I…….Time for some changes I think

  12. Jack, the liver makes cholesterol.

  13. This is brilliant stuff. I've just ordered Dr Kendrick's book. I am an obesity researcher, but I have been drawn into the cholesterol debate by Gary Taubes' brilliant book "The Diet Delusion". This cholesterol myth is behind the current diet advice to eat low fat (which is by definition high carb) and this is behind the obesity epidemic. Ancel Keys has way more to answer for than heart disease – the fact that 2/3 of the population of the US and UK are overweight is thanks to this advice 🙁

  14. Thank you Doctor its probably want I want to hear these things are so difficult when there are opposing arguments thanks for putting it on U tube

  15. This is not about opinion it is just about facts. You can present a good case for the "other side" by selecting the data that fits the argument. That's why we have all data from the larger studies. Pharmaceutical trials are good at selecting.

  16. Hello
    I've read Kendrick's book and found it pretty convincing.
    I would however like to hear the "other side".
    Is there a forum about this or discussion anywhere?
    thanx v much

  17. we need cholesterol to function.
    What pharmaceutical companies call normal is based on drug sales.
    Prof Joel Kauffman book "Malignant Medical Myths" Myth No 3. ISBN 0-7414-2909-8

  18. People really need to understand why cholesterol is so amazing and why our bodies need to make it in such huge quantities.
    The work of F W Pfrieger on the use of cholesterol by brain (glial) cells is a good place to start. Role of lipoproteins in immunological and maintenance processes, fat soluble transport systems etc. Cholesterol is a vital chemical with no concept of good/bad morality!

  19. In Primary Prevention is what this issue, each person saved from a heart attack is costing a death due to side effects ALS, Rhabdo etc.
    In secondary pevention it has some effect for a period… But there is a still a price to pay eventually and changing the cause of death is not good enough. Look at how the ENHANCE trial data was manipulated, by use of surrogate end points, after the trial ran into trouble with emerging mortality data.

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