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Please watch. Supplements that really help with anxiety, depression, and bipolar.

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In this video I discuss my 50% science 50% spiritual approach to managing mental illness. I have found that no amount of prayer, meditation, yoga, or working out were able to eliminate my mental illness. When our neurotransmitters are not working properly, this needs to be addressed. I encourage everyone to try prayer, yoga, meditation, a healthy diet, and exercise first. The first supplement I will talk about is SAMe. SAMe needs to be taken with b12 b6 and folic acid to work properly. This has the most profound effect on me than anything else I take. I also take niacinamide, vitamin b3, for anxiety. It has bee reported it works almost as effectively as a benzo. I take a probiotic which has really helped my gut food and gut health. Glutamine is an amino acid that helps with anxiety. I take 5htp which is a serotonin precursor. I take lithium orotate which is for mood stabilization. Phenylalanine also helps with my depression. I take taurine which is another amino acid. It helps with anxiety and overall health. I take fish oil which is good for joints and heart. I take vitamin d3, the sunlight hormone. This helps people regulate mood and in men increases testosterone too. I take Gaba at night time before I go to bed and it helps with anxiety and to help me sleep. Aschwaganda is not mentioned in the video, but it also seems to really help my mood. All of the things I take are healthy and good for the body too, unlike many prescription drugs that have many negative side effects. My suggestion is to add one thing at a time and consult a doctor if you are already taking prescription medications.


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  1. Please where can I get Sam E from?

  2. I think it's all about inflammation. Stop that and you're on the right track. The foods you crave are the worst for you.

  3. A shout out for NAC. It seems to minimise my anxiety and depression. Early days with it but it seems to live up to the hype. Screw Big Pharma and their horrible drugs.

  4. Thyme oil has natural lithium

  5. The L isomer of phenylalanine does in fact do exactly what you said as it is a precursor to tyrosine, the amino acid building block for dopamine and thus norepinephrine. The D isomer however works more like a DRUG, inhibiting an enzyme involved in the degradation of endogenous opioid molecules and thus elevating the concentrations of these chemical neurotransmitters, primarily enkephalins (though apparently with none of the tolerance and dependency malarky associated with say Oxy or Morphine, that is to say 'direct opioid receptor agonists').
    FYI I have found that the very very best multivitamins on the market (which appear to help me significantly and I know for a fact would help increase the rate of production of antidepressant brain chemicals); they are called 'Perque Life Guard' – they're expensive but totally worth it. As I said; they genuinely appear to help significantly.

  6. Thank You and KEEP YOUR HEAD UP !!!

  7. The DLPA help me sleep and gave me a since of well-being.

  8. Can you get tested for neurotransmitter?

  9. Thankyou, since I found a lot of this stuff that helps, I don't have that waiting to die feeling anymore.

  10. For those of you who can’t hear, watch this one instead!! Sorry again

  11. I can't hear you at all 🙁

  12. What a lovely person you are ❤️

  13. ….are you blood type "O" by any chance? Do you only have the depression side of bipolar, or are you every Manic? Do you consider yourself under or over Methylated ? If under, do you ever have seasonal allergies?
    FYi….folic acid (man made) is now discouraged as many people can not break it down into its natural form called Methyl Folate. Best to take supplement Methyl Folate directly.
    Regular GABA supplements cannot seem to get past the blood brain barrier very well. PharmaGABA is specifically made to do this, made by Natural Factors.

  14. I read years ago that you shouldn’t take choline when you are in the depressive phase of bipolar. I find that it makes me very depressed.

  15. So basically all of these supplements are just patching things up. Eventually I would love not to take all of these supplements and get to the underlying cause of the anxiety

  16. Fantastic video mate much appreciated 👍

  17. What a great video, Supplements really started to help me like ashwagandha and b12. I never thought of 5htp.. I will have to try that next. I started to take this supplement from anxiety-supplements.com and it seems to really help along with their coconut oil seems to give me more energy

  18. Solid information and great content. I would like to caution people though with some of these supplements can either help or harm someone with methylation issues. For instance someone who is an undermethylator should not be taking folate/folic acid. Likewise Sam-e not for overmethylator

  19. This may be the one I’m looking for

  20. How long take to recover ??

  21. Sleep as you know is the key to heal any ideas ???

  22. I've read/heard/seen videos about Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol form) being rat poison. So I just get sunshine and fish oil.

  23. That's good info. I appreciate the fact that you addressed the spiritual component… God can help anyone who asks.

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