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Positive Thoughts Have Meaning / Depression and Anxiety Therapy Session #3

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Third session was a success. Really need to start believing in myself and acknowledging my own accomplishments. I need to take credit for the hard work I did. It should not be minimalized.

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  1. hugs dan for all the good things he does; no "buts"

  2. Dan your mental health videos have helped me alot cause I suffer from the same things I have bad depression and anxiety and your videos have helped me and pushed me to take my msf coarse here in colorado so keep doing what your doing. You are such a inspiration

  3. God bless you for your authenticity Dan. You are a blessing to us all for sharing your journey. Many of us need counseling but are too weak to admit it to ourselves. I'm so proud of you my friend!!!

  4. sorry off topic but HOOOOOWWWW do you let off the gas and the clutch is out without stalling????

  5. Here in the UK we are at last talking about mental health,in the same way as physical health.Thanks to Great Guys like you we all benefit 👍👍👍👍

  6. OH MY GOODNESS! Just watched all three. I may need to watch this last one a couple of more times. I have had TONS of success and I always diminish it with that negative final comment. I just realized how much it destroys my opportunity to capitalize on those successes and experience my goals. Thank you.

  7. hey man, hope the therapy is doing well. I live in tucson as well and im trying to get myself a bike. maybe if we run into each other when i get one we can ride together

  8. I came to this channel for the adventure rides and reviews. But these videos are way more helpful for me in reality

  9. You are 💯percent awesome!!! What you're saying is spot on!
    You also are a great speaker and I enjoy you a lot!
    You might not feel this way but you are confident! I also stress myself about public speaking. I will het myself so worked up that I just feel like running. Even just to stand up and state my name and something about myself.
    Whooo! Lol
    You truly do help me and I love your video's! Thank you soooo much!! P.S.. You're going to kick the tests a$$!
    😊 ✌

  10. Hey Dan, I had my first bout with anxiety right after my dad passed after trying to get him well for 8 months, he had pancreatitis. It hit me like a ton of bricks and I thought I was going loco. I guess it was caused by this deep feeling that I failed my dad. Everyone kept telling me how much I did for him and how wonderful I was to help him but I kept punishing myself with what could I have done better. This caused major depression and excruciating anxiety. I read up on how to alleviate the intensity of it by breathing techniques and positive thoughts, this helps tremendously and I am at a way better place now. The best technique is 5-5-5, breath in for 5 seconds, hold for 5 seconds and exhale for 5 seconds. Then think happy thoughts. Anyway I really enjoy your vids and hope you keep them coming. Have a great one!

  11. Hey Dan, you have helped me long before you started talking about mental health. The funny thing about us humans is we have to walk that line between helping our fellow humans and helping our selves. As society we have thing idea of normal everyday people being our saviours, out there to save us, but the reality is that the people who will carry us at our worst are few and far between, and we must find it with in our selves to work through our hard and bad times.

    Fair warning when I work though my hard times, and if we ever meet, I want to shake you hand and say hi, and thank you. Nothing more. Anyways keep climbing up and finding your strength. Cheers

  12. Dan.. thank you for being you .. enough said

  13. I have to tell myself "Great Day, Happy Day" every day over and over before I start my day. It helps.

  14. Good luck…..and God bless

  15. Thanx for this video.
    I was listening and the advice and strategy are good for learning to ride a motorcycle as well
    Have the stress to keep you alert but not to stressed that you can't concentrate… So that balance you were talking about can apply to that…so Thanx you posted a 2 n 1 video for me….

  16. G'day Dan, I've just stumbled across your channel and really love this format talking about Men's Mental health. Having been a depression sufferer and managing this every day, it's great to have people talking about it.

  17. Thank you for putting this stuff out there.

  18. Props to you for being so open about these sessions. Credit and credibility – you have both!

  19. Good to see you progressing with the therapy. Hope all is well bro

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