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Practice Face Yoga with Fumiko Takatsu


In this live training I’m going to show you:
How to get rid of a double chin in just a few minutes a day,
How to get the blood circulation going in your face and create a natural rosy glow,
One of my favorites: an instant eye lift.How I got into the Face Yoga training and how my face and life have changed forever,
Before and after photos of actual Face Yoga Method clients and I promise you will be inspired.

Fumiko Takatsu

Face Yoga

Facial Exercises

Face Exercises


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  1. 37:52 that o shape of mouth and bushing face down won't it give out suggy eyes and face if am already treating suggy eyes???

  2. Thank you Ma'am. Love your dedicated teaching. Trying to follow what you are teaching.

  3. mam please also share some tips on how to boost collagen production in the skin and how to increase little bit face fat for little plump.

  4. mam is there any method to regrow hairs on front part of the scalp. MALE persons are really fed up of this male baldness and also in the crown area please share some tips if you can.

  5. How many times should it be repeated???

  6. Can this excercises work for eye wrinkles n crowsfeet n forehead lines? Pls suggest

  7. I am trying to find face yoga take 5 the old video it was amazing I lost the app

  8. thank you fumiko I thank my cousin though most especially.

  9. Lili from Romania 🙂 Nice to see you and follow your webinars 🙂

  10. I am 55 and I just started to notice the sign of aging. I am not happy. Because of menopause I also gained a lot of weight. My sister told me about your face yoga method. I just started to join you with the exercise. I love it. I will continue to practice and I will share my results with you. Thank you.

  11. Hai, how r u???? I m gonna try tomorrow onwards . Now I m in 32. Ur presentation is really soothing. U r my inspiration. Thank u mam. God bless you. I wanna take a membership fee r that what I want to do????

  12. SO FUN & HELPful; MY Friend: I Understand an OUT of Alignment body ;)* ThankYOU, Sister ;)* ~VERY Inspiring~

  13. Thank you so much. Love your face yoga videos.

  14. Hi! I enjoy watching your videos

  15. Hi, Fumiko! I am from Brazil and love it your video!

  16. Thank you ,I'm from Brazil 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  17. Ashly from Kemptville, Ontario

  18. my neck hurts so badly when I do some of these exercises

  19. Is the $299 membership for a lifetime or just a year?

  20. Hola Fumiko!.. Gracias por tus consejos. Saludos desde Tijuana, México

  21. One of my eyes has stronger sight than the other, which causes me to tilt my head. I'm only 20 but this practice is helping to relieve intense neck pain. I am so grateful for this knowledge.

  22. Empecé el reto de 28 días para trabajar mi papada pues tengo más de cincuenta años y el área del cuello empezó a arrugarse, apenas estoy en el día cinco y me he sorprendido cuando me vi en el espejo el cambio es muy notorio y me siento más segura de mi misma. Muchas gracias Fumiko

  23. 文子ちゃん!あろがと。。

  24. I'm Kiran Sahota from London

  25. I've just seen your videos but I have a couple of questions : do you have any advice to build a save and effective  routine using your you tube exercices ?  How many times a day do I need to exercise and for how long ? tHANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR HELP

  26. Will you ever put this on DVD?

  27. Thank you for this, you are so darling and inspirational.

  28. Yes. My name is May, I can see you and hear you. I do love your video about facial exercises.

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