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Pregnancy Tips: 3 Body & Nutrition CHANGES IN MY FIRST TRIMESTER!

I recently found out that my husband and I are having our first baby and I wanted to share with you new moms or moms to be some of the major changes I have been experiencing both with my body and my nutrition during this first trimester. Having a healthy pregnancy is extremely important to me so I will be sharing with you some of my new mommy workouts, nutritional tips on avoiding gaining extra lbs, along with my monthly aesthetic and physical changes.

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  1. The changes with food are crazy,I don’t eat steak or drink milk, when got pregnant with my daughter all I wanted was steak, I would drink a whole gallon of ice milk by myself. I would eat butter, kerrygold was my favorite, I would put a stick of butter on and piece of steak with onions and cilantro. Everyday.

  2. CONGRATS!! to you and your family!!!! <3 you are an amazing athlete and person and will be an amazing mom!!!

  3. Congrats!!!! Thank you so much for sharing such a deeply personal experience! My husband & I found out 3 days ago we are pregnant with our first baby & I am Overwhelmed with the various & often conflicting advice about pregnancy fitness!

  4. so happy for you your going to be a great mom

  5. Thank you for this!! Just discovered that I'm about 6 weeks pregnant and I'm already nervous about my workouts. Can't wait to see what you put out!

  6. Congratulations ,so happy for you guys !!!!

  7. so happy for you.. hope you will be healthy and the baby through out.. God bless..

  8. Congratulations–how exciting!!! Ugh I remember all day morning sickness…glad yours seems to have subsided:) The baby is taking all it needs from your body, so you'll have cravings based on that…the brain, I believe, needs lots of fats for development so that would be why you're craving stuff like that…

  9. OH MY GOODNESS! Congratulations to OK you and your husband Lisette! Welcome to the mommie club! A new level for you as a great trainer! God Bless!

  10. thank you so so much for this info im a personal trainer and a competitor planning on having a baby next year. this is so good to know in case this happens to me now after watching this i wont freak out. thank you thank you thank you. xx Oli from Australia

  11. Congrats on the baby!!! 🙂

  12. So glad for you both.
    Embrace it but I am sure you will😘

  13. Yay I'm so excited for you!!!!!!!!!!! I'm 13 weeks so I'm excited about these videos!!!

  14. Congratulations to you and your husband!!

  15. Yeay! So happy for you. You are beautiful and so glad you are feeling better!!

  16. Your timing is so perfect!!! Congratulations! I'm newly pregnant too, 11 weeks, and have been going through the same thing! I won my WNBF bikini pro card in October and shortly after I found out I was pregnant. Adjusting to my new body and diet has been a challenge and almost depressing. I didn't feel like myself, sleeping all the time, eating fatty foods, and skipping workouts. But the best advice I got was from my OBGYN who reminded me not to be so hard on myself and to listen to my body and enjoy the process. I'm starting to feel more human again and looking forward to seeing your videos and pregnancy workouts!!! So excited for you! 😘

  17. Congrats!! I am so happy for you both! I am a mom of three 🙂

  18. congrats!!:) im 32 weeks now and i am a yoga teacher who has always kept in good shape and when i got pregnant i ate so much junk food things i would never eat i mean i didnt eat meat for over 5 years and now thats all i eat!! unfortunately i havent gone back to my healthy lifestyle i just have so much aversion to healthy food. good luck with the pregnancy

  19. Great news!!! Congratulations !

  20. congratulations Lisette!!!!!!! I wish you and your husband all the best!!!

  21. yeah!!!! congratulations!!!!


  23. congrats!!! welcome to the motherhood!

  24. Omg! Congratulations! So happy for you and your hubby!

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