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Psycho-nutrition & Orthomolecular Medicine – Gary Johnston, on mental health, anxiety, depression,

This interview with Gary Johnston is an introduction to the science of nutrition for the mind and nervous system and an overview of what happens when the system starts to fail. Essential viewing for anyone with anxiety, depression of the more aggressive mental disorders. Gary Johnston is a psychotherapist and clinical hypnotherapist with 30 years clinical experience. He specializes in anxiety disorders and trauma and is an expert in the relationship between nutrition and mental health. He is a director of the Goulding Institute and his own clinical practice. For more information see http://www.gmfint.com and http://www.thegouldinginstitute.com for on-line traing in psychonutrition and orthomolecular medicine for mental health workers.


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  1. Do you think that profit oriented health care will adapted to the Orthomolecular medicine . I personally don't think so !

  2. Gary and staff: power and ignorance are also formidable enemies to orthomelecular truth. So oddly enough these institutions of childish reasoning which Is power and Ignorance must literally begin the regimen first of orthomelecular food or truth in therapeutic doses.simply Gary to boost adult reasoning and adult trouble shooting in our current institution's of power and ignorance. to boost a new approach of personal energy from the top CEO 's of the monetary system politicians. Law enforcement.

  3. Thank you, I enjoyed this clip. I look forward to others from you. Feel free to contact me to discuss more

  4. please change the psychiatry system by using orthomolecular medicine.. I don't have money to pay the supplement. Anyone has method to stop anixety ?

  5. Brilliant! I can't wait to do the online training one day soon x

  6. It is possible to cure anxiety disorder yourself, using an unconventional techniques and live your comfortable life

  7. Great Video! Thank you so much.

  8. I have had experience with having been psychotic. After many years on B vitamin therapies, a sugar free diet, and hormone supplementation, my mind has cleared and I no longer hear voices or have hallucinations. I am now seventy years old and gettinghealthier by the hour!

  9. Yeah, I have celiec disease ie. Gluten intolerance. I was in a fog from 14-20 years old. After going to a naturopath for intravenous vitamins and megadoses of oral vitamins and L-theanine I had never felt better or had better peace of mind. Wasn't diagnosed with celiac until 27yrs old, it creates many anxiety disorders. I am still trying to move over to gluten free since it's destroying my intestinal lining and causing 'poisioning' of my body and general inflammation.

  10. It's important to remember that in order to make psychological intervention effective the biochemical undercurrents must be dealt with first. If a person who suffers from anxiety or depressive disorders is not able to concentrate or think clearly psychological interventions don't work. An integrated approach using both psychonutritional strategies and the psychological interventions get much better and lasting results.

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