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Q&A – 364 – Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, Seizures, Prostate Cancer

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In this video:

Paul – Dad is suffering from chronic anxiety, depression and insomnia for the last 6+ years. Lost interest in everything and doesn’t like leaving the house.

Susan – I have met several young people (teens and early 20’s) lately, all who have seizures. I was wondering if you could please do a YouTube videos on what causes these and how to detox them.

Kay – Can my 4.5-month old son take any herbs to get rid of the morphine?

Joysworld61 – What do you think about the olive leaves? I was diagnosed 3 months ago with mono. I’ve had my thyroid taken out. I have fibromyalgia and GERD. Been doing lots of fruit…

Robert – Hi Dr Morse. I have started a fruit diet for three weeks and doing excellent with kidneys filtering nicely. My only problem is that I have started to develop sensitive teeth. Is this normal or would eating more greens help this. I eat fruit constantly throughout the day. It seems that the grapes are very acidic on my teeth as well as kiwis.

Alex – Did you derive your healing approach from Mr. Ehret? I’m a type 1 diabetic, 29 years old and I’ve been raw, on and off for a couple years now (almost always vegan). I’ve also detox quite a bit but that’s never enough…

John –  I am writing to you in care of my wife, she spends most of her days in pain, and am wondering if there is any hope for her to recover. She is 64 years old , and has been diagnosed about 2 months ago with alcoholic cirrhosis of liver with ascites, PHT ( portal hypertension ), and Pain, abdominal, generalized. She is also having a difficult time trying to quit smoking. I think she may be ready to get on board with the protocol that you would recommend . Could you please help ?

Pavel – Hey Doc. Can you please talk about eye floaters. I have alot. First my left side sinuses blocked up then i got the floaters in both eyes tho. I also acquired asthma 6 or 8 months after the floaters. The asthma came with belching and fatigue. I had acid reflux for 5 years. My left kidney seems to hurt as well at time. The whole.lower back side when i do prolonged heavy lifting or take too many herbs or supps

Vivki – I am a diabetic who has lost 45 lbs in the last year. Horribly itchy ears for a few years now…

Jonathan – I was diagnosed with locally advanced prostate cancer in Feb 2014 with PSA of 77 and Gleason score of 9. I was put on hormone therapy which I have continued until recently. What herbs would you recommend to support in my journey back to health? I am undecided whether to continue with Hormone Treatment (Enzalutmide) any thoughts/recommendation?

Adam – My question is about eating fruits with fat such as almonds or a spoonful of coconut oil. I’ve read that is slows down the absorption of the sugar which I’ve read some say is a good thing.

Wendy The Runt – Wasn’t there a few women coming forward with claims that Dr. Morse sexually assaulted them? Can’t remember the source. Don’t get your lawyers on me Doc!


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  1. Dr Morse assaulted someone? What? O-O Sorry you don't come off as an assaulter. None of your videos, and there are tons of them, and all over an hour long, give any indication that you would harm anyone, and far less as a womanizer. Like WTF!? What time and day can you possibly assault or harm another human in any shape or form? You seem too busy helping people out to be able to do anything as negative as that. If I were the court judge and seen your evidence that you just don't have the time to hurt people in such a way, I would've just thrown out that case and tell Wendy to get a life. I know there are cases of people actually getting harassed and assaulted, but gesh these cases are getting crazier by the day… not everyone is an asshole. What upsets me the most that cases where people do actually get harassed and assaulted with proof get overlooked and trivialized. That is why faulty cases like these really angers me, because they patronize and trivialize real cases of people who actually are harmed, raped, molested and harassed. I would've sued Wendy for hindering medical practice that could save thousands of lives. However, knowing what kind of spiritual being you are, you wouldn't do that. The way I see it… you continue on helping and curing people, Karma will handle the negative people around you. ^_^

  2. Sorry but the whole anti-marijuana message I'm firmly against. There are numerous of studies to prove that marijuana has positive effects to the brain and the body, since both are so connected. Both the brain and cannabis contains endocannabinoids. Now if the person is smoking or consuming the wrong type of cannabis than that can be a problem. You never give sativa to someone with insomnia and indigo to someone with memory problems. Insomniacs need indigo to sleep and relax the brain and the those with Dementia need Sativa to activate or wake the brain up. Someone with anxiety may find Sativa better than indigo. For people with Autism, some may benefit a mixture of the two, some may need more sativa, while others need more indigo, depending on the type of Autism and the behavioral patterns of the individual. The more violent cases need more indigo than others, because of the calming effects indigo has on the overactive mind of the person with severe ASD. I swear he information about the positive effects of cannabis and most disabilities and/or disorders are out there. For a doctor who criticizes modern medicine a lot you should be more open minded towards using cannabis in some treatments.

  3. WOw that intro was so fine. I wonder why he doesn't use it anymore.

  4. Hey, I need help as my friend has a really bad case of stomach cancer. She is in a worse phase now than before but she doesn't want to give up. She can't eat and hardly drink. PLEASE HELP ME OUT, what can I give her today so that she could drink? I don't know how much time I have to order remedies online. So I need something I can do today. My friend has alcalised, been on no sugar diets, used electro theraphy to fight the cancer, and everything is working but for some reason the cancer is aggressive and we are fighting time. Please find me on Facebook on Linda Ferreyra Sandoval.

  5. Dare I say…this is THE BEST CHANNEL on the internet. Packed with tons of incredible info! Doc, you rock!

  6. Mega Kudos Dr M!!!…you took the bull right by the horns…or..maybe..in this case it's a cow..maybe. Who Knows…….i actually stood up & gave ya a standing ovation, complete with cheers….aaahhh, wendy…..wendy wendy wendy…i've known wendies all my life, 60+ yrs of all kinds of ppl…of course the wendies have always been around, but back in the Dino days, it was a whole lot easier to avoid running into em…today, social media brings em right in yer face & man do they love to be in yer face…Most are just disgruntled prima donnas craving the spotlight…striving to prolong their 15 minutes of fame….frumpy malcontents hiding behind fake screen names & fake pics cos their own small little lives are boring em to death but they don't have the guts or gumption to get up off their bums & actually DO anything Different..so..they sit on their phones, tablets, laptops, & desktops & wreak havoc online where they can play act their sad little fantasies out, incognito, & no one is the wiser…they could be sitting right near us at the next desk, pretending to be angels, or…they could be feds trolling for their masters, or, as my mate used to say: "Voyuring, instead of actually Catching Real Criminals"..& whew.
    ……it is a crying shame…cos social media is a Great thing..it Unites people all around the world like nothing ever has before…except for them & all the other predators….but…im of the same mind..aint running away.
    ..im a female & when they start their crap it's embarrassing & i feel ashamed to be part of their gender. When it's nothing but malicious BS i always call em out on it & ohhhhh how they hate me then…"Traitor!" & yada yada..but Wrong is Wrong & i will Not be bullied into supporting a bunch of Bulls*** for my imaginary "sisters"…to that i always say nope, we aint related, hon..so..get off my back & out of my face. & ……a lot more words i can't print here. ;).
    …i think there are enough of us that won't run, who push back, to keep the net from being run over by the wendies & all their predatory siblings.
    ….an then we have the dread flat earthers..ohh my…((Laffs arse off))…at first it was funny..but now..it's getting dang Scary..So Many are somehow…believing this wack crap!…even some 'smart' people….im like…how?….why?…what!…&..sometimes i think lets round em all up, put em all on a big ole ship & set it's sail for off the edge…lol
    Cos…some ppl just want to watch the world burn.
    Thank You, dear Sir, for another Great video. Blessings on You n Yours!

  7. The most useful video I’ve watched so far for my personal issues. Thank Dr Morse

  8. My experience with this channel is fantastic and only growing with every video I watch. And I cannot stop watching. I feel llike I've found the mountain top.

  9. water is level/flat, just open your eyes

  10. i love you Dr Morse but earth is flat.

  11. I'm trying to reconcile how someone who supposedly cares so much about humanity and people's health charges upwards of a THOUSAND DOLLARS for a detox protocol.

  12. Love loves love..Thank you!

  13. My favourite video so far. I have seen a lot of Robert's videos but I like this one because he was very focused and stayed on topic. I also love his humour! Much love and big thanks to you Robert! 💕

  14. Dr. Morse, Wendy threw that sexual assault thing at you because she's from the Clinton camp, that's how they do when you don't fall in line with the their NWO agenda. Keep up the good fight Dr. Morse. I have been a fan of yours right from the start. Thanks for all the priceless knowledge and wisdom.

  15. So do you advocate a raw vegan diet? Because I did that and almost went crazy. I am vegan, but I can not follow a fully raw vegan diet. It does not work with my system.

  16. I thought consuming too much fruit was dehydrating

  17. I agree with every world u say! Love u Dr.Morse!

  18. If anyone is interested in treating heartburn naturally the greatest results that ive had was with the Fergs Treatment Crusher (just google it) – without a doubt the most incredible info that I have ever tried.

  19. I Love Dr. Morse.

    I am just turned off when he bashes the idea of a flat Earth.

    He knows the medical industry is a lying murdering institution.

    But NASA is telling the Truth?

    ok. So they can take pictures light years away huh?

    Where is the 24 live feed of our supposedly spinning Earth?

    I do not see how anyone who meditates can believe in a Spinning Wobbling Ball Globe Planet…

    Do you feel like you are spinning when you meditate?

    The indoctrination and mind control is deeply seeded.

    Mind Riding Will Trap You In A Globe Planet Concept…

    I Live on A Stable Plane of Existence.

    If we were spinning and wobbling and flying around the sun and the sun were flying through the galaxy and the galaxy is spiraling and that whole galaxy is flying through infinity then how can we have the same constellations that God put into his Firmament? We would be in a completely different point in space and time than we were 1,000 years ago… these things are common sense.

    You Can not see forever. there is a vanishing point of perspective and the horizon is flat…

    go take a look at time lapse photography of Polaris and look at the perfect circles that the heavens rotate in…

    with a spinning wobbling ball around a sun around a galaxy around space you would have so many different motions in the sky…

    anyways I just take pieces of the Truth from everyone because no one has all of the answers and I have noticed that the people with great answers in one field are always missing answers in other fields and even sometimes bash on other things I know to be true and it bums me off…

    oh well.

    God Bless & Thank You For This Channel

  20. Dr. M- I love how you responded to that accusation at the end. This shows how you really value your reputation and are a true healer. I love you man!

  21. Why dont u do cayenne? It's a great healer. Dr schulze it's one of his go too herbs ..

  22. LOL !! "Cool time to be awake not so cool to be a Wendy" Dr. M often times makes me laugh and smile. Love you so much !! Another great video.

  23. I love your talks Dr. Morse, talks full of hope, clarity, solutions and enthusiasm.

  24. The one thing I am confused about is why almost all the alkaline doctors/books say that fruit is acidic and that you should limit consumption? How can be something this pure be bad for us? A link to more about pH levels from dr. Morse would be ver much appreciated! Thank you for the great info.

  25. Paul – 2:37

    Susan – 16:37

    Kay – 29:34

    Joysworld61 – 58:00

    Robert – 1:03:59

    Alex – 1:08:03

    John – 1:20:20

    Pavel – 1:25:52

    Vicki – 1:32:23

    Jonathan – 1:39:20

    Adam – 1:55:39

    Wendy The Runt – 1:58:49

  26. A great spiritual book is The World Peace Diet from Will Tuttle. It is mind blowing and has all the answers.

  27. Dang it Robert Morse. The earth is flat. I thought you do your research…

  28. In my estimation, Wendy the Runt is Shill Troll from Hippocrates or the Allopathic community

  29. So interesting, I did this with my aunt years ago, intuitively… I prepaired her a lot of fruits in different forms and she was amazed that she didn´t had to take so much insuline. If I would have been alowed to stay longer with her, I would have been able to save her life. Now she is dead. Germans.

  30. Dr Morse, you look great. and I like the upgrades to the video, thanks for the good work

  31. For teeth also use coconut oil… Take a teaspoon (it looks like crisco) it will melt in your mouth swish it around it pulls all the sensitivity out…

  32. Thank you so much for answering my question and very prompt 🙂

  33. When i started to eat fruit in the morning i get pain in my legs. Feels like i get alot of fluid in the legs, or to little? maybe pulling of water?. Whats going on with this anyone know? Is it the too high suger content thats going on here?

  34. Great video. Thanks for the info. A word of advice…. Dont step in the anti-marijuana angles.

  35. Thank you soo much for what you are doing.

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