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Quick Weight Loss Tips: 3 Easy Fat Loss Diet Hacks From A Fitness Model

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In this video, you are going to discover 3 quick weight loss tips that will help you melt the fat and reveal ripped six-pack abs.

Fitness model Troy Adashun is an expert at burning fat and sculpting an incredibly chiseled beach body. This video reveals 3 easy fat loss diet hacks that will help you transform your body quickly.

1:13 – Weight Loss Tip #1: If you want to get shredded six-pack abs and lose weight quickly, you have to live by the acronym PVW = 6. Protein, veggies, and water with every meal is the winning formula for getting ripped and achieving six-pack abs. This is an easy fat loss diet hack that you should be implementing with every single meal right away to lose weight efficiently.

2:51 – Weight Loss Tip #2: One of the easiest fat loss diet hacks is to use all natural metabolism boosting seasonings. Cinnamon and cayenne pepper both help you increase your metabolism and regulate your blood sugar, which plays a huge role in trying to lose weight quickly and efficiently. Watch the video as Troy discusses the science on how these 2 spices help you burn fat and dives into how he utilizes them in his diet.

5:02 – Weight Loss Tip #3: Be careful of the sauces and dips you are using. You need to make sure you are using low calorie sauces and dips if you want to lose weight quickly. This is a really easy fat loss diet hack that will help you save a tremendous amount of calories over the course of a year. Troy says that you should make sure that your salad dressing, sauce, or dip has less than 35 calories for every 2 tablespoons.








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  1. While on the "fetching tuti space" (Google it) plan, a few of my workmates lost over thirteen pounds! After hearing about their results, I made a decision to look into this strategy on google for myself, and I dropped excess weight myself the moment I started. It has been a week since I used it so I still have more to point out regarding its advantages.

  2. So I can get ripped six pack abs if I put cayenne pepper on my tamales and have cinnamon toast crunch

  3. First 2 tips were greatly appreciated.
    Wayyy too many adds during the video,makes the video pretty annoying.

  4. Thank you for sharing…

  5. hahaha this guy is so cheesy haha

  6. I used to drink a bunch of Gatorade. 2weeks after I stopped I saw results 😀

  7. hi this is great video to loss weight fast .everybody can check it …so nicee

  8. very informative video to lose weight

  9. So eat veggies and protein…then he talks about oatmeal? Is that a veggie or protein?
    He adds honey to his oatmeal…that's almost pure sugar but he says to avoid sauces because of the calories. Very irrational.

  10. Great video! Thanks for sharing all the tips with us. Keep up the good work!

  11. stick to not eating junk food and drinking only water and eating so that you arent hungry instead of full. If you cant do that then you dont want it bad enough.

  12. I watch this video that give me detail information about some tips to get healthy diet.
    Now, I really do some natural diet to lose my weight.

  13. Cinnamon and cyanne pepper is pretty cool , nvr heard of it before

  14. I enjoyed your clip. Let's connect more on here & maybe you'll watch some of my videos. Blessings to you! – Tara

  15. [New Video]: Supercharged FAT LOSS! Fitness model Troy Adashun reveals 3 easy fat loss diet hacks to help you get shredded six pack abs. 

    Quick Weight Loss Tips: 3 Easy Fat Loss Diet Hacks From A Fitness Model

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