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Removing The Stigma of Mental Illness


It is human nature to fear what we don’t understand.

Due to misunderstandings and inaccuracies made by the media,(everything from news reports to movies for example) our society’s view has been distorted, which has created stigma about certain mental illnesses.

a mark of disgrace or infamy; a stain or reproach, as on one’s reputation.

n. Any of various conditions characterized by impairment of an individual’s normal cognitive, emotional, or behavioral functioning, and caused by social, psychological, biochemical, genetic, or other factors, such as infection or head trauma.
Also called emotional illness, mental disease, mental disorder. ‘dictionary.com’

Bottom line is that we all must get more educated and stop using our fears as excuses.

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  1. nice presentation……the stigma.  I guess "stigma" can kill….for example, I grew up in the 1950's and 60's…..mental illness was seen (including by me) as a weakness or something scary that made for a good movie (Psycho, etc etc)……but I have to think that it all goes back to Freud.  He was brilliant but I feel he did much to stigmatize mental illness.  He calmly explained how emotional illness forms and how the best treatment was psychoanalysis, where the patient lay down on the couch and tried to bring up certain childhood memories……so simple!!  so easy!!  but what was missing was the EMPATHY for the sufferer.  Freud's model immediately framed it as "something is broken in your mind and it needs to be treated."  Again, the overwhelming burden of illness was placed on the patient.  It is YOU!!  Something is not quite right with YOU!"  So healing became the unwritten responsibility of the patient…….if the patient didn't get better then it was the patient who got blamed for not being better able to bring up these painful childhood events………………………………….forgive me, I know I'm just "free associating" here……trying to get at a truth……and hopefully the truth is something like I didn't choose to be mentally ill (who would?!) and there should be no shame in it……….think of the most important person in your life – the one you LOVE……would you stigmatize him/her for having a mental illness??  I have to answer that question also for myself……..

  2. From Someone that was diagnosed with schizophrenia it isnt a mental illness its a spiritual one. I believe its demonic oppression. I was also told it was a life long illness and there no cure only treatment. We'll im here to tell you I been cured for 15 years because I called out to jesus to save me and I felt a love peace and joy beyond words and my head started tingling and been cured every since. Thank you lord for your mercy and grace

  3. What's the name of this song

  4. Stigma is created by lack of human rights. Gay was stigmatised, now they can marry stigma is gone.having a baby out of wedlock was stigmatised now it can be the best career move a young girl can make stigma gone. To cure stigma we need human rights. This would stop sadistic staff persecuting people too. For human rights sign our petition by googling "PE01494." Or leave a comment to say why you think we should not have human rights. Thank you.

  5. Thank you for the work you are doing raising awareness in the area of mental health and for fighting stigma. I just wanted to point out, possibly and oversight, in your video. You mentioned it's important not to pick and choose which illnesses to accept etc, I am glad to see that sort of attitude. However, as a sufferer of Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) I am somewhat dissapointed it wasn't included. Unless of course I missed it. BPD is the most maligned and misunderstood and has no cure.

  6. Then we need to de-stigmatize these words!

  7. As someone with Borderline Personality Disorder, both individual and group therapy is used to help treat the condition.

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  9. thank you everyone whom has spoken out here! I am grateful to whomever made this video~ there should be much more awareness about this ! Thank you for your time and effort put into the truth's about these illinesses

  10. an thats y i wont tell no one about all my mental illnesses im embarresed an society treats u diff they look at u diff a lot nof bosses out there dont wanna hire a depressed person cause thewy worry there not reliable so ill just hide it untill its to much an i end my life

  11. Very well said and very well put together!!

  12. all i can say on behalf of people like me is THANK YOU SO MUCH

  13. this is an amazing video, as an autistic person with ADHD i have had all of these problems that u have listed with stigmas, i think you are an amazing person who has the right attitude and mind set about people like me. you have been able to shout out all the things i have been unable to say and i think that it takes a really strong person to do that. you have shown society what it means to have a mental illness and how to deal with it, my admiration for you is indescribable.

  14. "All mental illnesses can be treated." It IS a fact. The most effective tends to be a combination of medicine and therapy. I happen to know quite a few people who are undergoing mental treatment, and they are also varied in their illnesses.
    I myself have autism, and undergoing therapy has helped me in many, many ways. I do not have enough space to go into it, but I usually have to tell people that I have it, and they marvel at how "normal" I am.

  15. Wonderful insightful video worth sharing regardless of any grammar issues or others discussed. I believe more positive is gained by watching & learning than any negative. (gee, we get so much of that don't we?) I wonder what the percentage ratios are in the US. Any videos you know of or studies done that represent numbers in the United States?

  16. Great video and thank you so much for putting it together. I am going to post a link to it on our Social Club's, a club for people with chronic and severe mental illness, facebook page. It's a little long but it certainly gets the message across, I especially love the imagery you used! Great job.

  17. yes. no physical pain can compare and I personally know this fact very well.

  18. wouldnt i love for some of my closed minded co workers to watch this…..

  19. it's good that you are trying to bring awareness and understanding of mental health conditions i've recently watched an interview with stephen fry who described his manic depression very eloquently,making an analogy of it being like the weather and thus having no control over the rain nor the sun.he also spoke of a gentleman who had stood infront of a truck and had both his legs smashed,saying that the physical pain he felt was nothing compared to the mental anguish of depression.

  20. People walk and raise money for cancer. I hope to one day risk my body in an attempt to do an Ironman Triathlon or equivalent for 23 days in a row to help raise awareness for mental illness and end the stigma. Mentally ill does not mean being a horrid person!

  21. Clinical diagnosis is just the easy part. I was a psychiatric nurse and believe me, love and understanding for the passions that many mental illness sufferers have is paramount. Trapped in an unpleasant world, silently screaming to be heard and being ignored by the ignorant in society (which unfortunately is the majority) The video should touch even the stone-hearted

  22. @jboolo1 To simply look at this with an overly critical eye rather than appreciate the passion and desire for understanding is unbelievably cruel in my eyes. Perhaps you will simply roll your eyes. I cannot say I care if you do. I wish you had gotten the message instead of looking for grammatical errors and what you see as inaccuracies in the text. No one is perfect and everyone could use a lesson in patience and understanding. Everyone needs to listen and truly hear the what others say.

  23. @jboolo1 There is a beautiful irony to your (very petty) response. Having written "The use of the word "then" instead of "than" reduces your credibility", you then go on to use the word "than" incorrectly yourself. Your third sentence should read "…are markedly different from other illnesses…" Lifestarmedic´s measured response below really says it all and shows that they at least practice what they preach, even if you do not.

  24. @jboolo1 Thank you for trolling the video. Instead of getting the message the video is trying to convey, you would rather focus on then/than & ramble on with jibber which is unrelated to the message of the video. This is a general informational video about ANY mental illness / disorders, etc (which includes personality disorders),and how to remove the stigma attached – NOT which disorders, illness etc need medication or behavioral therapy…
    Namaste, please do not add to the stigma.

  25. What an informative 10 minute video of something I could have read in 2 minutes or less.

  26. I live with the effects of mental illness and think you did a lovely job. While I agree with parts of many of the comments below, I think we can all add to the discussion. Sometimes I feel like owning the "label" as a means of self-empowerment, sometimes I want to cast it aside and not have any labels at all: I am a person. I change how I feel. Nonetheless, I live with this condition [these conditions, I should say] just as much as I live with epilepsy. Well done.

  27. @alice69ification what is the name of your facebook cause? I would love to support it!

  28. This is such a wonderful video, really well done. I had schizophrenia and I am also desperate to break down the stigma attached to it.

  29. fantastic……having diagnosed with about 26 different forms of "mental illness", I'm really glad to see this. The music's great too!!!!!

  30. Well done! Excellent choice of music! Thank you for putting this together & bringing awareness.

  31. As a person with Aspergers, I agree that the stigma against autistic people and others with mental illness should be eliminated. These individuals should be able to get the treatment and help that they need without fear. Because you will never truly understand what goes on in a persons mind unless you have been there yourself.

  32. @alice69ification Why do you say I am ignorant?

  33. @GW445 You are an idiot.

  34. You did such a great job, especially with the words, I love this and am going to post it on my FaceBook. I think the US may even be worse than Canada about stigma. I mince no words, I am not ashamed. God made me this way and I will deal with it the best I can (I am bipolar and have OCD) – the rest can watch and learn.

  35. I actually have a mental disorder, I just joke around about it. It makes me feel more accepted. But yeah it sucks. I almost teared watching this.

  36. Unbelievably good!me and my dad's flatmate had bipolar and earlier this commited suicide, my dad found him. I wish that I had found this clip to show him that he wasn't alone and that I could have helped him more. Amazing.

  37. @Angellicationify yah, um "potheads" and his mental illness are deffinitely not related . Every pot smoker I know, which is ALOT, are pretty frickin mellow.

  38. @EMOTIONALLOGICABLE Uh…..that doesnt make any sense. Only three reasons. Do you know anyone with a mental illness. Because it sounds like you dont.

  39. I, Max Rafael Waller, with the help of a mental health professional will practice to forgive myself, others and especially to find gainful employment.

  40. Great job on the video! We support you on your campaign to bring awareness to the world on mental illness 🙂

  41. Everything is a 'mental illness.' Do you think too much or you get bored doing dull stuff, you have ADD or ADHD. Do you occasionally get worries about stuff, then you might have Anxiety disorder, do you feel depression, and then you do not, you have Bipolar Disorder. Present Psychiatry is a Pseudo-science, and many natural things are now an illness.

  42. Whatever dude ive seen so many people overcome addictions the just dont want help my grandfather was an alcoholic and some of my family drink but not addicted so the theory of genes is false pal

  43. @MrShem73 I have to disagree, as they have identified genes that can cause a person to be more likely to become addicted to substances. It is true that a person can choose to use drugs, but once they become addicted, there is nothing they can do about it.

  44. Well i kinda like the video but there are a few things that are wrong alcohoics and druggies do not have an illness they choose to drink or do drugs the people who really have a mental disorder cant help it or choose

  45. can I point out that munchausens is not a proven disorder , this label has been used to accuse thousands of parents wrongfully of abuse . There are rarely parents harming their children in circumstances in line with a profile of so called symptoms . However these cases are rare . The munchausens accusations or the modern witch hunts have destroyed thousands of loving , innocent families .

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