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Restorative Yoga Poses With A Bolster

Not sure what to do with your bolster? Here are my favorite poses to do with this awesome yoga prop!
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A viewer suggested I do a quick video showing how I like to use my bolster for yin or restorative yoga. Here are my 5 favorite ways to use my bolster! I own a lot of bolsters in varying shapes and sizes and LOVE them. They are my all time favorite prop because they are way more comfortable then blocks.

I’m travelling in San Francisco at the moment so I didn’t have time to publish a full length class, but will have one for you next week! I’ll also be vlogging while in California and will have that up within the next few days. If you’d like to follow me around as I do a video shoot with Grokker.com, attend a Yoga Journal event and do some fun photoshoots, follow me on Snapchat! My username is kass_reinhardt

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  1. Your donations help me purchase better equipment to improve the quality of my channel. Thank you for supporting FREE online yoga http://bit.ly/21fWt2B

  2. I'm too fat to put my legs up like that

  3. Subbing a restorative class tomorrow this was helpful thank you!

  4. I just got a bolster set and this was great. Would love to see more.

  5. A great video….. I love to use props in my class. I'd love to see some uses for straps. Thank you

  6. Thank you, it is very helpful for me <3

  7. could you mention the benefits for each of these poses?

  8. This is so informative. Thank you for sharing it!!

  9. Do you any suggestions for poses to help fibromyalgia? My bed seems to be my torture chamber…so any suggestions for before sleeping and arising in the morning. Thanks so much. I really enjoyed your bolster to restore video🤩

  10. Thank you for this video. I ordered a bolster and used it for the first time just now. Do you have a video using a bolster that I could try? Thank you.

  11. You say this bolster is 10 to 12 inches deep. I have been looking for it online and can only find 6 inches deep. Can you please tell where to get the one in your video?

  12. Since you asked for suggestions, I’d love to find a short 15-25 guided restorative practice for when I’m sick and can’t bring myself to do one of your more challenging Vinyasa routines. Yin is sounding too still and cold for my body right now, just really want a gentle moving flow to open back up into my body.

  13. Thank you for this video. Very helpful. I just started yoga at home five months ago and it's been lovely, but I've been wanting to include a bolster in my routine and this helped me narrow what dimensions might be most useful.

  14. Kassandra, I have a condition called meralgia paresthetica, which is a trapped nerve in the femoral region. It causes numbness in the outer thigh and burning sensations which causes me to prematurely awaken. Also a painful hip, which is most probably another symptom of the condition. Hopefully these asanas will lesson the symptoms. I will keep you informed. Sat Nam 🕉

  15. This video was SUPER helpful! Which brand is your bolster?

  16. Where did you get your yoga mat?

  17. Thanks for the nice simple suggestions on how to use a bolster. Very well done!

  18. Just right for a loving self nurturing practice.

  19. Thank you Kassandra for these amazing poses! I´don´t have a yoga bolster but used two plump rectangular cushions instead. So very relaxing and lovely for a sensitive low back.

  20. I am new to Yoga and have just bought a rectangular bolster. Love your video – very calm. I will be looking out for more from you. Thanks Kassandra

  21. I got a bolster for Christmas so I could do your classes. Now I have two blocks so I think I have all of the props I need! Thanks 🙏🏻

  22. Great restorative postures. I really need these as I have an over active thyroid which is causing several physical and mindful symptoms like hip & lumbar aches pains, hyperactivity, and bouts of deep melancholy

  23. What is the make of your bolster ?

  24. Thank You for your dedication and time to make this video 🙂 Namaste

  25. Kassandra, please write the dimensions of the bolster and where it can be purchased.

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