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Say Goodbye To Diabetes || Type 2 Diabetes Cure By Mango Leaves

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Today I am Going To Show You , How To Cure Diabetes
Magical Mango Leaves Remedies Say Goodbye To Diabetes
Say Goodbye To Diabetes || Type 2 Diabetes Cure By Mango Leaves

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  3. with this can I continue use my drugs for the diabetes.???

  4. I tried it. It gave excellent results. In ten days I am able to bring down my sugar level from 320 mg to 220 mg, miraculous indeed.

  5. You do not mention the number of leaves or the amount of water to be used. If you want to guide people then please do it properly and stop giving this nonsensical advice!

  6. Very useful guidelines about controlling of diabetes. Thanks a lot.

  7. while using this natural remedy can we use diabetes tablets as usual

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  10. Many thanks for this advice

  11. kisi ko fayda hua ho to mujhe batao


  13. thanx for advide I will try it,gud video thanx

  14. she said "oil it again". did she mean boil it? or did the video skip a step to dip the leaf in oil?

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