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Severe Depression and Anxiety to Smiling with the Carnivore Diet

Severe Depression to Smiling with the Carnivore Diet. I am interviewing Brett Lloyd about his healing journey with severe depression and anxiety, by implementing a carnivore diet. He had years of being on many medications and seeing many doctors. He was hopeless and felt helpless and it affected his marriage negatively. Hear how he turned his health around by following a carnivore diet.

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Holistic nutrition expert chronicles her journey to hashimotos thyroid healing through keto diet and carnivore lifestyle.
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  1. Great story, how is he now? The only thing I worry about on Carni is Cancer, IGF1/HGH, mTOR, Methionine, and amino acid gobbling bacteria linked colon cancer and colon polyp formation that will proliferate once veg and carbs have been cut out of the diet, this and shortening life would be my fears, its great that his depression has cleared.

  2. magnesium, guys. game-changer for me with hydration/cramps etc

  3. Did he have casein intolerance and did he had tonsillectomy, i want to know that does tonsil removal is common between people like us.

  4. Didn't find any videos related to symptoms getting worst. If ever someone knows… I've seen a few having results about mental health. Even great results. I'm 10 days into carnivore, with about 30 or 40 gr of carbs. But the mild chronic depression is definitely more present and the brain fog. Anybody had symptoms that got worst, even just for a while ?

  5. It is my story too. Thanks….

  6. Been on Carnivore for 2 weeks now and have seen fantastic results with my joint pain – totally gone!
    Btw, do you have any info/videos regarding how effective the Carnivore diet is in treating ice pick headaches?

  7. Caitlin, this was an important interview. Thank you for doing this. I have someone in my family that has been doing a Vegan, plant based, or vegetarian diet since the age of 15. Now, in late 20's. He has a very similar type of depression with the anger that Brett experienced. How to reach him, though? Really hard… In fact we have several generations of people in my family that suffered severe depression, thyroid in balance, and anemia that were long term vegetarians, or vegan. Maybe not such a coincidence? This is eye opening. (We are in Calif., where plant diets were popular much earlier than in other states)

  8. 1.5 speed.

    Wow. I can relate to so much of this. I'm into month 10 of zero carb now. Easily one of the best diet experiments and decisions I ever made. It saves my life everyday. I mostly feel like no one can understand just how deep the depression was, and similarly just how peaceful and euphoric I feel just naturally every day now. This guy gets it. All that and more.

    Thanks for making space for this message to he heard. The more people hear it, the better.

  9. Man I wish I could thumbs up this again. Awesome- thanks for sharing.

  10. New sub here, thanks to Brett. I appreciate all the info I can get that is helping me to overcome chronic issues.

  11. Great job Caitlin! Would you be able to share more information about dealing with your headaches? I could go weeks without one and then I’ll have a headache for three days straight. Then suddenly I wake up without it and can’t figure it out. I’ve been to a neurologist and he just gives prescriptions don’t work. You have me thinking it might be an electrolyte issue.

  12. Amazing powerful story! Im at day 10. Inspirational

  13. I started with keto and am now mostly carnivor, but still struggle with muscle cramps even though I take a fair amount of liquid magnesium and about two teaspoons of Redmond salt per day. All the merchandise solutions that one can buy on Amazon did nothing for me … also tried apple cider vinegar, but doesn't work for me…

  14. I feel like Seroquel has totally dulled my creativity.

  15. Just started my Carnivore journey to excellent health. Day 5 and counting. These videos keep me going. Thanks.

    All of my gut issues have always been accompanied by depression and severe anxiety. It sucks!


  16. Such a powerful story. I very much enjoyed this. Also, thanks for mentioning your overnight headaches, as I'm currently dealing w/the same. More salt to the rescue.

  17. If you wanna skip to the point he gets to Carnivore, it starts at about 28 minutes. Before that is talking about his life.

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