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Shirshasana – Headstand in Yoga for Beginners

Most people want to jump up into headstand, but it should really be done through strength and control. Only when you feel strong enough to hold yourself up without putting any weight onto your head should you be holding headstand. This video gives tips on how to go into headstand while building that strength so that you are always protecting yourself.

See full blog with more details & tips here: http://www.theyogimovement.com/2014/02/25/flying-without-fear-headstand-for-beginners/


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  1. This has to be the best video I’ve seen on this in my opinion thank you 🙏 so much for making this video

  2. I've been trying to do this pose for years and i was always afraid to lift the second foot up but after watching your 5 minute video, i was able to accomplish this feat😊 thank you so much!!

  3. whats headstand its called "*Shirshasan*" Bitch..

  4. All I am thinking about are the possibilities XD

  5. thank you i have done it in the first go for the first time in my life…..thanks very much i m so excited……:-))

  6. it was a very helpful video. thanks a bunch 🙂

  7. thanks monica for such a great tutorial.but i wanna know that for how much time we should do this asan and how many times in a day?

  8. well that was exquisite……….I never did this and I know it will be hard but I will try it out just the way you demonstrated. However you made it look so easy and I think you have mastered it. Nonetheless, thanks so much for the video and the effort and I do wish you the very best. Thanks Again……….

  9. Well explained. Like the step by step approach. Thank you

  10. thanks my dear its very useful for me.. i had problem i cant make balance

  11. Gr8 instructions.I think trying this alone is lethal 😉

  12. Super Monica, its really give motivation to do this, looks very simple and clean.
    Although its actually very difficult.
    I tried in the past, always fail.
    I will try your technique tomorrow…………Hope for better result…

  13. Hi Monica, I am 43, and have sinus and eye issues…is it safe for me to do shishasana?

  14. "An individual can merge with the absolute through yoga"




  15. Thank you for the video,what can i do if i fell down? what should i do with my knies and neck? Sorry about my english…Saludos desde Argentina =)

  16. I've been working on this one, so I enjoyed the video very much.  Nice, clear instructions.

  17. shirshasana..
    you are good.!! but do you usually talk while doing this..?

  18. I've tried to but my weight…. Cant just let me lift up!!

  19. Hello Monica,
    Started practising head stand by watching your video thanks for that ,your balancing techniques are very helpful.Namaskar.

  20. Like the video very much… I think it take couple of months to master this move… Hardest part is to make balance, most of the time i fell back or side.

  21. Fantastic. Namaste. From South America

  22. This is so difficult how many days would it take ?

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