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Signs of Depression and Anxiety

Valley Children’s Pediatric Psychologist Amanda Suplee talks about the signs and symptoms of anxiety in young children, and provides resources in the community to help those dealing with anxiety.

Valley Children’s pediatric psychologists evaluate and treat children with chronic medical illnesses and complex medical conditions who may be having difficulties adjusting to and coping with their medical condition.


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  1. If my parents saw this they'd probably say that's it fake

  2. If I call you send police, how does that help?

  3. Looked up NHS Social Anxiety, Anxiety and deppression symptoms in all of htem and I know I'm postive for ADHD, I don't go to school and i go to sleep at 6am. Life is fucked.

  4. I am a child I have all the symptoms please don't help me I'm 12 I can take care of myself….

  5. i have seven of these symptoms… is that bad??

  6. I want to call.. But im scared.

  7. Hi guys, i had severe anxiety, insomnia, racing heart, depression, tiresome, worthlessness, thinking of self harm but thank god it's over. I can help you…. I am here if you need someone

  8. I have anxiety and depression but I'm too afraid to tell my parents too afraid that they will think I'm a disappointment I always have a fake smile on my face that hides all of my secrets and sadness I never trusted anyone in my life other than my "bff'" that threatened to tell the whole school about it and all of my friends are fake they just use me for my popularity

  9. May I know whether my videos can help those having daily life depression. If any other suggestions or request I will be more than happy to serve those in needs.

  10. Now I am truly aware I have anxiety and depression.

  11. I was tryin to ignore the symptoms and idk if ever i could step into medication bcs my parents talk a lot that i was just to lazy and its all inside my fckn brain.

  12. I'm depressed butmy parents/family/friends won't give a damn about it.

  13. I have all of these symptoms

  14. İ have depression i like=1 happyness for me

  15. Ya i most definitely developed depression and having strict parents who expect me to always be number 1 even tho i fail at everything makes it 10 times worse

  16. @ValleyChildrens Hi
    I'm a med student. I spend most time reading bt in last 8 9 months..after I got relationship issues.. Now I'm not able to concentrate on studying.. My appetite is decrease.. Not even some time I prepare the food just sleep without eating… I lost my dedication nd energy to study..
    Nd now I'm tired of being in collage jst hate the world around alot. Try to do exercise nd meditation tht also can't continue.. Nd I get ideas of self harm once in month.. Or doing bad to someone nd agree about my partner( who broke up 6 months before) can someone say if I'm in depression or not.. Bqz some signs present in me bt not in severe grade.. So plz help🙏🙏🙏

  17. It’s funny because I’ve had depression for years and instead of looking up a simple video or googling what’s happening to understand what’s going on with me my parents just decide to yell at me and tell me that I’m not good enough anymore. Like, why do they think that I’m always tired? Why do they think that I stopped talking to everybody like I used to? Why do they think that I just completely changed? “Teenage stuff”? Yep. They think it’s totally normal to have fluctuating weight, insomnia, have grades drop dramatically, suddenly becoming a hoarder and just piling up stuff that I used to love in a corner of my room without touching it for forever. It almost makes me feel like they stopped caring. They didn’t even try to understand, they just let me hurt and actually grounded me for having bad grades and not caring enough to be up to their “extroverted straight a student” standards.

  18. I trusted my best friend and told him. He didn’t believe me. He said just stop feeling that way. It made me cry. I don’t know what to do anymore. I’m scared.

  19. I have all of them. But how can I cope with it? When my family dont even care about my mental health. They think I always sleep because Im always on my hed but they didnt know that many thoughts came into my mind every hour and everyday on how can I end up my life. That I wish everynight that I wouldnt wake up any more, or while Im walking in tue street I will get hit by a car or a truck and just someone will shoot me. Its not me anymore, Im the type of a kid before that is always happy, jolly but what happened to me? Now Im 17 years old. Highschool student. I hate social media especially facebook. Cause here in our country its like its require to have your own account for every single ones. I hate being surrounded by people. I hate being in the center. I dont like friends because they are backstabbers. I love being alone. I want to die now…

  20. Im cutting..im only 9..i just need help…sould i tell my grandma…

  21. I told my mom i was depressed and all she did was get mad at me and call me ungrateful and say she cant deal with me anymore 🙈life's great

  22. Over half of those you can hide.

  23. Tell my dad I think I have depression

    “Oh your just a kid you’ve never been really sad”

  24. There's no point in talking to someone about it because nobody gives a fuck about me or how I feel. I literally match up to all of these signs.

  25. When you know you have all of them but none of the families and friends dont care

  26. I have all these symptoms and it’s making me even more depressed and it’s just a whole cycle

  27. #iamhear movement is something I found. I clicked it in facebook and found a great group

  28. My friend has depression and she hides it from me… and my friends. She told me that she cries everyday and pretends to be happy…..

  29. I have all the symptoms but I just cant tell my parents
    Edit: Those of you saying "Get help" or "you need to take meds" or something like that, meds is not gonna make anything better in fact its gonna make you feel worse cause you cant naturally be happy, you have to take meds in order to be, and that IS NOT happiness

  30. Help. What to do? I just got out about a month ago in a mental health hospital. My sister tour me in Malaysia for a week to lighten up my mood after being cage for months. Now, back to my home country, i don't know what to do with my life. I don't know where or how to start. What should I do?

  31. I know I'm depressed but my parents won't give a damn about it.

  32. All those suffering from anxiety and depression please get help . I've had this and I saw a doctor. She saved me ☺As horrific as this feels there is a way through. There's many great people put there that can help you so much . You'll get your life back again 🌞

  33. I think I have depression and anxiety….. and I’m not going to tell my parents….. and there’s NO way I’m telling my friends.
    Why? First of all, there is a girl in my class who has depression and they made fun of her.
    Secondly, THEYRE SO FAKE. they will make fun of me and ditch me I know it.
    And this makes my depression and anxiety (that I think I have) even WORSE cause no matter what I’ll be sad. Either I have to deal with fake friends (which is what’s happening now) or have to deal with people who aren’t my friends but hate me and are gonna tell everyone else to hate me (and they’re popular and pretty powerful)

  34. I tell my parents and they call me crazy and over germanic. My anxiety and depression is getting to the point hurting myself and giving little cuts in my arm…I wanna call but my parents are gonna get mad and call me crazy and stuff….I’m scared..please help..

  35. … i have anxiety and i think i'm developing depression but my parents don't give a damn about me 😂

  36. This all the sings is present In me

  37. I answered most of these questions yes… Fml

  38. Hello valley children's healthcare thank you for your information as a high school student who lacks 1 parent and lives with easy to anger and abusive grandparents this information startled me for my quick change of moods and lack of eating and sleep affected my social and academic life thank you so much for the information you gave our society.

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