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Sleep Your Way to Lower Blood Pressure


Robert Kowalski stresses the improtance of a good nights sleep to keep blood pressure lower and the heart healthy. More information on www.ihealthtube.com


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  1. apnea means not breathing, not lack of oxygen, which is hypoxia. can this guy be trusted?

  2. I use the 'tennis ball' (a tennis ball held in the middle of the back of a t-shirt with a rubber band) technique to force me to sleep on my side and my blood pressure is falling. I sleep well now and my wife is too. No more snoring and no gasping for air. Easy, simple technique. Google ' sleep apnea tennis ball t shirt ' for diverse opinions before trying.

  3. Aspirin is a good idea for everyone over 50 years old; the 88mg. size…no need to take more.

    Aspirin, thins the blood, thereby making pump circulation easier…more is NOT better…
    and stay hydrated before going to bed.

    Also,…Don't eat 3 hours before bed….why? Think about it…eating is a massive "energy" action… "Hitting the sack" with food just starting to digest "doesn't do a body good"….very bad…it keeps noturnal BP high…and your BODD-AY does not get a BP break…make sense!

  4. Thank you so much for the tips. I do have sleep apnea. I am a senior who was not using my CPAP machine as it was so hard to get used to. However, after a recent hospital stay for shortness of breath, the doctor recommended that I use the machine again. I am currently prescribed a water diuretic (triameterine 75/50 mg) daily. I will definitely try CQ10 and the aspirin soon. I am so tired of taking medication which seemed to make me feel ever worse. I am convinced the way is natural. Thanks

  5. If I snore my wife kicks me and makes me do my Buteyko breathing exercise. This clears my nasal passages, stops me snoring and regulates my breathing.

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