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Sorority Noise gives advice on dealing with depression and anxiety | Ask A Band

Cam Boucher of Sorority Noise/Old Gray gives life advice for people dealing with mental health issues and how to help friends or family members struggling.

Directed and edited by: Ryan Parker
http://ryanprkr.com | http://instagram.com/ryanprkr | http://twitter.com/ryanprkr
Shot by: Kyle McCreight and Ryan Parker

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  1. I started to think a lot of unfavorable things until the depression that I felt became most awful. But now w ith this depression treatment “fetching kafon press” (Google it) I can completely focus my energy and thoughts into a definitive line on how to make my entire life better constantly. I am pleased and enjoying many social activities.

  2. Why did the text to speech voice creep me out

  3. an amazing underrated band singer wearing another amazing underrated band beanie talking about depression and dealing with it. Mad respect to these guys!

  4. man, he seems like such a genuinely good dude. i really appreciate this. thanks, cam

  5. Oh fuck, i fell in love

  6. i knew him when he was working at a supermarket in Hooksett, NH back in like 2011

  7. When I saw the Fidlar episode I assumed they were all made up questions and it was all meant to be funny. But no, turns out all of fidlar's fans are idiots and douchebags and all of Sorority Noise's fans are sad fucks. Which really explains why I love both bands

  8. Lol this dude didn’t say anything crazy or insightful he just said basic obvious generic bullshit that everyone probably already knows and everyone is slobbing on his knob 😂😂😂😂😂

  9. I literally just want to wrap him into a blanket burrito and make him some soup.

  10. I hate the idea that the rest of my life could be a series of doing things differently as a response to my depression. I just want to live, I wish I could just wake up and not have to think about everything and just go live my life.

  11. I don't even have depression and this video helped me a lot. I hope that people who's actually struggling with something can find this video helpful.

  12. great vid, great dude

    btw, spotted a pup beannie

  13. I'd kill for a friend like that… shit I'd kill for any support really… maybe that's a bad use of the analogy. I'll stop forever now.

  14. sees modern baseball in the records hes bought and flips my shit

  15. i love cameron so god damn much, he has such a good heart. such a kind soul that pushes so hard through this shitty world and helps so many people with his music. man how my life has changed since discovering sorority noise. i am forever grateful.

  16. Cam is such an awesome genuine cool dude!! Love all his bands!!👍

  17. the only person who gives me hope for this musical generation

  18. a real angel on earth :^)

  19. cam's such a nice and adorable person

  20. Cam is a good person and he makes great music

  21. Great video, sorority noise is my favorite band 🙂

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