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Spacelabs Blood Pressure Monitor

How to apply a Spacelabs Blood Pressure Monitor. The Spacelabs Ambulatory Blood Pressure monitor is a diagnostic tool utilized by the leading nephrology centers across the country. Recordings are initiated at specific times, as directed by a physician, and all data is stored within the monitor. For more information, visit http://fcminc.com/Ambulatory-Blood-Pressure-Monitoring.html


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  1. Resorted to You Tube when I couldn't contact the hospital or GP. This video put my mind at rest, it explains only the first few readings show then just dashes appear after that. Thought I'd broken it when just dashes were appearing! Wish the hospital had mentioned that!

  2. Sorry for my bad english im italian but your video iis wrong because cuff iis preparred for right arm and no left like you show

  3. what if the blood pressure is sayong LLL on the screen

  4. Thank you. Nurse failed to mention to relax arm during reading (though that one is kinda common sense), to remain motion less, & that an additional reading will take place in two mins if a reliable one wasn't taken. Thanks again for the video.

  5. The monitor gives 3 readings, blood pressure only have 2, why is this?

  6. It doesn't show me how I am supposed to wear it.  

  7. So what do I do to change the Interval? 🙂 I want to know how to set the interval, and the times at which Interval will change from the 20 minutes to an Hour. 🙂 Thank you.

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