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STORYTIME – My Mental Health Issues During Corona

This is my goodbye and I hope you find what you are looking for out there.
Find that kind of happiness that exists on your own terms. I hope you truly take the time to figure out what moves you and encourages your soul. And I hope you have the courage to chase that even if no one believes in you. I hope you never let convenience, or comfort, or the easiness of standing still put it out. So you can show the world what you can do with all of that passion inside of you.
For now we will going to ignore each other and pretend the other person never existed. I hope you know I don’t hate you- I understand you but I will never run after anything or anyone who doesn’t want to be in my life.
Within all, I find the pieces of my worth and I start creating myself over again. In this journey of transformation I find essence of what truly matters, inner happiness. I learned everything is temporary– moments, feelings, people. I learned love is about giving and letting it hurt. Vulnerability is always the right choice because it is so easy to be cold in a world that makes it so very difficult to remain soft. But I will never let this softness forget who I am and what I am, because my spine is made of steel and my heart is made of gold.
I know, I came into your life and changed everything. I raised your standards, I gave you the ability to believe. To see yourself chasing your most desired dreams and now after your horizon is widen there is no going back. Eventually one day we can be friends and we can laugh about it all but till then fare you well.

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  1. Suzi, I love your positive energy and how you keep your head up through the hardships. And you definitely have angels around you. Also, that inner confidence is where true beauty lies. It's so true that when we achieve something, get out of our comfort zone or get through a scary situation is where the growth and confidence in ourselves kicks in.

  2. same with my guy bestfriend 😂 so funny when people always thinks were couple like bruuh 😂

  3. The man whom u talking with also look fake and not good listener … stay away from such man.

  4. I like your camera tripod-system 😐😐😂😂😂😂you'll be alright 👌

  5. come to Miami Florida! I can be your tour guide and show you some Cuban food :p

  6. hello there I just started seeing you on my youtube in the last week. you are doing something I think would be really cool

  7. I hope you are okay…Just watched Mommy Tang- The Vegan Mukbang channel, and she speaks highly of you, I know your way to far from my country, but if you do go to US please visit Mommy Tang, she would love to meet with you. By the way, Am from the Republic of Palau, one of the smallest Islands, Micronesian Islands next to Guam, whereas you go Hawaii then Guam and then Palau… You have such good personality… your way stronger than you think, I am so proud of you…Shout out from Palau…Such Brave girl….

  8. Your so strong susi 💙💙

  9. Really know the real side of someone and is compatible with all who you are before you get connected. Your time spent confirming is an investment in your happy life, alternative is you may find out decades after that you are a mismatch then separate … painful and a real waste of your life. 💔

  10. I had a boyfriend a few years ago and I thought he was the one and he broke up with me for the same reason. Yesterday, I got engaged to a wonderful man. Your person will come one day! But you're also a badass on your own.

  11. If you go to the US you should meet Janelle eliana she is another van lifer who travels with her pet snake it would be cool if you two did like a collab or something 🌸💕

  12. I have been watching your videos now for just over 2 years , honestly love your videos 💜

  13. It's almost mid-July and not a good time to come to US. The virus is going up on a steep curve. http://www.coronavirus.jhu.edu

  14. break ups take a long time to heal from. Relationships take so much energy 😘 I can’t imagine anyone wanting to come here to the U.S. it sucks here, I want out

  15. i believe when a person goes from our lives is becouse someone that will love us more will come. also for me has been the worst period, and i think is for most of people has been the worst. we must be strong. and me personally i love the period that i am single, becouse it gives me the chance to reflect on my self, to listen to my self what i really want.

  16. Y'all are so freakin cute together; I know, you're just friends…

  17. Good to see you smile again. you have a lovely spirit and whatever you do…you will be fine.
    Best wishes. David.

  18. please come to the USA we would love to have you!

  19. Can't wait to follow your journey. Be careful if you do come to the US and down south. Cool video to watch about the south https://youtu.be/Ms28lO0_dYE

  20. Hi there👋enjoy seeing your video…
    Beautiful doggy🐕🐕 stay safe😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷

  21. Oh yeah, don't forget this he said the virus was a hoax… Jerk, and still people will go to his rallies with no mask.

  22. You Trump supporters are idiots, he's such a jerk. Racism, abusees women, get your head out of your a**. He's not patriotic, its all lip service, he's a egomaniac….. Wake Up. He puts everyone down, ignores advice, thinks he's so smart? NOT, makes fun of a disabled reporter on TV, then denies it on TV movie. His lies are documented and are in the thousands.. The worst president ever and an embarrassment, the world knows that. People in other countries know what a joke he is.

  23. Keep it up your dream.

  24. Really love your content you are so strong and it’s so refreshing to see someone my age beings so strong and independent, everything you need in life is inside you! I’m going through a tricky time in my life at present with a relationship breaking down and this video really helped today with my confidence. What star sign are you?! Are you a Virgo? I’d love to have a friend like you! I’ve lost touch with most my friends over the years. Thanks for getting up and doing another video and opening up yourself again. Next time your in the UK we should hang. Big love C x

  25. Go on ahead and come to the US. I have been in your situation a few times with boyfriends. when they don't give a specific reason its because there is usually another woman. If you come to Tucson AZ I will show you around if you need a guide 🙂

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