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‘Suicide Cluster’ in Palo Alto | Students Share Stories of Anxiety, Depression

The CDC’s epidemiological assistance team are starting an investigation on the “suicide contagion” risk in the California city.


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  1. The avalanche of homework, studying all night, lack of sleep, extreme stress, anxiety, depression, and suicide ideation are well and alive in many colleges — community colleges as well as 4-year universities. There are lots of college student suicides and suicide ideation, too. The media/public needs to be aware of the ridiculous overwork, stress, and competition in many college and grad school programs. The way these Palo Alto teens describe their overwork, stress, agony, and burnout is similar to what I faced in community college and at a high-ranking university.

  2. It is not just in Palo alto where students consider suicide, it can happen at any school, anywhere in the world. Schools need to stop focusing on how they measure up, or test grades, and start focusing on their individual students. I get that this may be hard, especially in larger schools, but it is very important for student learning. Maybe instead of teaching to the test, schools AND teachers should teach for long-term learning.

  3. Hey there was another suicide at Gunn High school. Wear white in honor of Alec Turner

  4. they need Jesus christ he cured me
    Jesus died for our sins put your faith in him
    suicide leads to hell

  5. It's because whites are dumber than Asians. That's why they can't take it so they end up their life.

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