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The 6 Signs of High Functioning Depression | Kati Morton

High functioning depression isn’t an actual diagnosis, it’s just more catchy than the real diagnostic term, “dysthymia” is. Dysthymia (also called Persistent Depressive Disorder) is described in the DSM as “depressed mood for most of the day, for more days than not, as indicated by either subjective account or observation by others, for at least two years,” and includes the presence of two or more of the following symptoms, “Poor appetite or overeating; insomnia or hypersomnia; low energy or fatigue; low self-esteem; poor concentration or difficulty making decisions; feelings of hopelessness.” People with dysthymia may still be able to get up, go to work or school, and from the outside look just fine. But inside they are exhausted, frustrated, and feel terrible about their situation. To find out if you are struggling with high functioning depression or dysthymia, here are some of the most common symptoms:Avoiding social situations: Often when we are able to push ourselves to function in our daily life, it leaves no extra energy for socializing. We may find ourselves canceling plans, just wanting to be alone a lot, and withdrawing from those we love and care for. Feeling extra irritable: When we aren’t feeling our best we can have little patience for people in our lives. We may find everyone is getting on our nerves, and we could even start fights with those we love. Notice if everything people do around you seems to be frustrating and annoying. Are you constantly tired? Are you barely able get all that you need to get completed every day and feel wiped out afterwards? Are you always tired, when you used to feel like you had so much energy? It could be dysthymiaDo you struggle to concentrate? Reading and re-reading emails still not knowing what it said. Is it hard to focus, even to watch TV? Many of my clients will tell me that they struggle to even follow a plot in a movie or tv show, and will have to go back to rewatch portions of it. This can be so frustrating and make school and work that much more difficult. Are you using an unhealthy coping skill more and more? This could be drinking more alcohol, zoning out in front of the TV or playing a video game, or even over or undereating. If you find yourself slipping back into old (or even new) unhealthy habits, please reach out and talk to someone about it. Getting a handle on these issues early allows us to find healthier coping skills to replace them more easily. Constant worry about the past or future: I believe this sign occurs because anxiety and depression are close friends. Do you struggle to get to sleep because you can’t stop going over that stupid thing you said years ago? Maybe you can’t sleep because you are so worried about tomorrow or next week? If you always feel like you are unable to control and stop those negative, worry focused thought cycles, it could be high functioning depression. WHAT CAN WE DO? If you found yourself nodding along as I talked about these 5 common signs, please reach out for help. Those with dysthymia or high functioning depression often go untreated for years! Don’t let that be you! The sooner we reach out and get some help the less time we will spend feeling bad. For many people, all that is needed is talk therapy, while others find medication to be the most helpful. Whatever helps you, make sure you speak up, reach out and get it as soon as possible. Cause it can and will get better.
More about Dysthymia: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mOwOwQB4kvg&t=31s

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  1. I mean, what's there to NOT be depressed about in this world?

  2. Psychiatry was only about mood evaluation and pill popping from my experience, nothing about building skills on how to deal or get better, Counseling was the same thing but without the pills.
    Finally seeing a Psychologist (for EMDR treatment) now that I know I suffered childhood trauma and now that I can sort of afford it (300 for an hour and a half session is crazy) hoping I can finish my treatment without getting kicked out onto the street.

  3. This just made me more and more sad. That whole thing sounded like me.

  4. I am really sure that I have this cause I have all the signs, but I didn't told anyone and I'm not really planning on that. But lately my parents always saying to me "why are you so quite today" And stuff like that and I really don't know what to answer.

  5. Mentions the fact that depression has an effect on following the plot in a movie/tv show but mentions a video game like someone with depression can just do that with ease…

  6. me on anti-depressants watching this to check i actually need them 👁👄👁

  7. Do u know me? Sounds like u do

  8. I watched only 2 of your videos and I now know more about what's wrong with me then I've learned in the past 47 years of my life to date . you are my angel you have given me a new reason to fight and understand what's wrong with me instead of me worrying about what's wrong with everything else. I am currently in the process of seeking help but, because of you I wanna fight even harder now. Do you ever have any classes or seminars in Little Rock Arkansas if so what are the dates

  9. Sorry but you look so familiar like a girl that used to be an actress.

  10. I have all the symptoms of high depression.
    Need treatment or medication asap.
    This thing is wasting my whole lyf and time also.

  11. ma'am the owner of the channel even if u dont get this but the rest of you guys hear me out …
    i have told my parents tht my heart feels way too heavy n i feel drained all the time and all they did was laugh in response. cause i have been keeping these kinda things to myself n when i finally feel like telling someone i got my own parents to laugh at me.

  12. I just want to know why I always feel bad about not feeling sad I'm numb but I feel bad about it

  13. 1:27 gotta few of those bad boys in my belt

    5:27 oop and all of these

  14. I've had and lost over 105 jobs in the last 40 years, due to dysthymia.

  15. I rather smoke my life away 🙃

  16. What about people who don’t have enough money for a therapist and they also don’t want this to be on their health records when applying for job ??

  17. Can you have both major depression and Dysthymia? I can realate to this video but also to major depression disorder. I have depression, anxeity, social anxeity and ADD (and dyslexia)

  18. Huh it seems I have 7/8 symptoms :/

  19. Each symptoms felt like hard slaps on my face

  20. This explains me exactly. I am really feeling extra irritated with family members. Makes me want to move out

  21. Some of these symptoms feel like what I'm going through. I have diagnosed social anxiety disorder tho.

  22. I know i am not ok.. But the problem is am not the earning member in my home, so going to a doctor is not possible for me.. But i know am not ok i can feel smthng bad can happen to me

  23. How does a therapist separate a 4 standard-deviation introvert, single digits in trait extroversion, when the patient can't handle western society's base-line social expectation?

  24. I went from Dysthymia (precovid/all my life) to MDD (during covid/now).

  25. I’ve had depression for about 5 years and just got diagnosed recently. For awhile I felt like I was always alone and everything seemed to be going wrong and stressing me out, at the moment things are going pretty well and going right for me, and I feel like I should be happy, but I just feel empty inside no matter what it seems like.

  26. Yup I have dysthymia and anxiety have had it for years I am trying CBD oil to help and I did therapy and medications over the years I use different methods to help me

  27. I just realized that i was zoning out halfway through the video

  28. This is me always worried, replaying the past, blaming myself, I’m so tired. I can’t get enough sleep.

  29. I have all the symptoms and how exactly it was explained. But at the same time I’m extremely introverted ever since I was a kid. So I don’t know if its just my personality or dysthymia.

  30. I have dysthymia for sure ,it came from severe anxiety for years to me

  31. That feeling alone part! I once joined a support group thinking it would help but it was such a downer I had to leave. I already felt bad enough. Now I find ways to be content on my own.

  32. Can this be caused from marijuana

  33. I've been depressed for years; I'm smiling on the outside and crying in the inside. I feel alone 😭 .

  34. "if you have 2 or more of the following…"

    Me: Has everything

  35. I might be depressed, but my gains are off the charts.

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