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The Cast Of Broadway’s ‘Dear Evan Hansen’ On Mental Health | TIME

Thankful and heartfelt letters to the cast of Dear Evan Hansen have poured in since the show landed on Broadway. Here, the cast reads some highlights and talk about the importance of talking about mental health.
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The Cast Of Broadway’s ‘Dear Evan Hansen’ On Mental Health | TIME


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  1. I know people are gonna dislike this but I need to say this. As someone who has been diagnosed with Depression, Major Depressive Disorder, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder I DESPISE this show very much! I can't believe there are people who think this show quote-on-quote "perfectly" shows anxiety or that its shows mental illness "very well".

    I have tried to get into the show because so many have said that I personally would love this show. I remember listening to the cast recording and immediately disliking the music. After learning the plot I really disliked it. Listening to Waving, musically it was annoying. (To be fair I already disliked Pasek and Paul's music). And then having seen the show, I saw Act 1.

    Immediately after "For Forever" scene, I didn't like the story at all. It very much upset me to watch this and made me so confused. During "You will be found," I left without seeing after the rest. I hated it so much. A year later, I tried to watch the whole thing and hearing more people wouldn't shut up about it, and again dislike the ending and the circumstances.

    Musically, it's garbage. The songs don't really reflect the emotions at all. The lyrics are very generic, never found them at all inspiring or powerful. The story of someone making a lie and getting out of hand (Literally the plot of Sharktales). I just very much hate how it's portraying mental illness because it doesn't really portray it at all. The more I go more in depth, it upset me.

    Even the performances of Evan is stupid. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy Ben Platt and he's not terrible but how they've written Evan Hansen the character itself is so generic and a lot of his actions very much contradicts his character as a character with mental illness. I AM AWARE of the whole reason was one of the composers had a student who had an overdose and that a lot of his classmates who never were friends with him had a strange and fake connection of how they "use to be friends." The fact that they tried to write a character who is supposed to be written as someone with mental illness is disrespectful. You could've easily written a show of people connecting with someone who they've never connected but they instead write this show as someone with mental illness makes a lie of someone who has never became friends, and tries to make the situation by continuing the lie and how it ends with people hurt but accepting him is just disturbing and annoying.

    Not to mention, with the song sincerely me is just ridiculous and stupid. It made me realize how this show is really a stupid sitcom if you really think about. With that one character always making stupid "gay" jokes and making Connor as a supposed part of Evan's imagination doesn't make sense. Some can argue its his spirit/ghost but the things he says doesn't make sense considering he kills himself literally basically in the beginning of the show we have no clue of what Connor actually was, the only info we get are from the family but when he was alive he clearly had a different perspective and having him as "Evan's" interpenetration on Connor it doesn't make sense at all. We have no clue what Connor was thinking especially when he never actually wrote a suicide note.

    I could forgive it if Evan was just a shy guy (not labeled as with mental disorder) who makes a mistake. But the fact that they're supposed to portray mental illness isn't portrayed really at all. Just as I said with the people who portray Evan Hansen, I have yet to see anyone portray someone with mental health. And I mean someone who portray it well. Not someone who just portrays the character as just a generic shy high school kid except one.

    I have struggled through a lot of trauma from childhood and from people who have died in front of me and people who have left out of my life. Many pills taken from doctors and people who don't understand. And whenever people try to introduce me to this makes me sick and more hurt. Especially when I had to perform Waving through a window for a cabaret show a little while ago.

    Overall If you love this show, good for you. If you love the songs good for you. I'm sure the people who are reading this, most of them didn't get this far, and most will definitely leave comments of "You just don't understand," "You're a hater," or other nonsense. Just like 13 reasons why, I just really dislike that this IS NOT a good portrayal of mental illness. Though Anxiety range from a lot and people go through it very different from others, even for me who is a Suicide survivor, There are way better shows that portray Mental health a lot better (Next to Normal, We Have Apples, Light in the Piazza). Not to mention the tony awards were a ripoff because again there were way better shows out there. (Great Comet)

  2. It’s awful to say, but I just wished they’d done this when Ben was still there.

  3. The thumbnail made me mad. Who hurt will???


  5. i started sobbing holy shit

  6. This really hits home for me. About 3 years ago my aunt passed by suicide. It has been very difficult time for me, but this show made me realize that I am not alone. I know that nobody will ever see this, but thank you so much Dear Evan Hansen, I cant wait to see you in February. Sincerely, me

  7. Dear Evan Hanson
    > "You're life will be meaningless untill you give it a meaning" < That's what I believe
    Im currently a grade 8 student, struggling with anxiety and ADHD and I feel unseen and invisible.
    This show really helped me understand that I will be found, In the beginning of this year I would spend the recess in the bathroom cause I felt like my friends didn't care if I went outside and if I did go out they would ignore me and I would be stuck walking around the yard like a fool, the feeling of others judging me kinda gets to me a lot.
    I have a strong fear of being forgotten and just dying and being dead. Like, dying and no one remembering I was there. People assume I'm suicidal but I'm far from it now, I still do feel like no one would remember that I was here.. They would probably be sad for one hour then forget, but that doesn't mean I'm gonna kill myself, I wanna change the fact that people wont remember me and do something big and something that people would remember me for. I tell myself "You're life will be meaningless until you get off your lazy ass and give it a meaning.". Thats what I tell myself and it's really helped me. I'm only 13 and the fact that I'm scared of these things bug me, I should wait till I'm an adult to worry about life but the internet can make lives worse. I am doing better than ever and I know some people have it worse but its still pretty hard for me.

  8. Dear Evan Hansen

    Today was the beginning of a new year; the beginning of a new year without my boyfriend who killed himself 2 years ago. I am struggling so much still with his death and just the general struggle of being a mentally ill teenager with a rough past and difficult present. This musical helps me know I'm not alone. Thank you.

  9. I took my mom to see this at the Curran theater! It was great, but the girls behind us were super annoying and everyone in a five person radius got pissed off at them.

  10. This means so much to me and it’s changed how my parents looked at mental health.

    I’m so happy that I was able to watch it

  11. There were moments in the show where I felt like I was Evan himself it was so relatable that it was actually scary

  12. Will looks like he gonna cry… WhO HUrt HiM!?

  13. dear Evan Hansen has helped me through many dark times that have happened recently. It helps me believe in myself and this musical truly means everything to me. Thank you for providing me with that little bit of light that has helped me keep going.

  14. Recently I had the hardest two weeks of my life. Anytime I felt like doing something stupid, I listened to the entire Dear Evan Hansen soundtrack and just cried. This show means so much to me, it has saved me multiple times💞

  15. Thank you, Dear Evan Hansen, for giving me the strength to keep living another day. Thank you for helping save me from myself and my demons. And thank you for creating a community for those of us who felt we had no one by our sides.

  16. 😭😭will looks so upset in the thumbnail

  17. I honestly love every single thing about this show. This show has made me feel like my feelings and emotions are understood even I don’t understand them myself. I’ve made so many friends through this community of amazing people who along with this show have been there for me when I felt alone. Thank you so much Dear Evan Hansen I cant wait to finally see it in February 💙

  18. i started sobbing when will read his email, and when mike read his i broke down honestly

  19. This video is so well put together and it portrays mental health so well and the moment I heard the chorus of you will be found I started crying aaaaaaaaa I love this show so much

  20. I clicked because Will Roland’s pitiful face drew me in

  21. I want to see Dear Evan Hansen but I am afraid I would break down and be stuck in a mental depressed anxiousness and get out of control

  22. This beautiful show really relates to a lot of us and just helps us through our struggles.
    I have never cried so much at a soundtrack or a video before. Knowing that someone is out there looking for us…

    Stay strong, whoever reads this.


  23. I want the email address now

  24. I cryed during this is that bad??

  25. As a dance Teacher and Mother of teenagers, I want express my deepest gratitude to Steven Levenson, Benj Pasek and Justin Paul for creating a vehicle like Evan Hansen. I am 43 years old and I could write a book about the ways this story and story within each piece of music has impacted my perspective, both around my own battle with mental illness and my child’s. I wish this musical could have a further reaching capacity. I have been working with theatre kids for the last 6 months and with the exception of one student, none of the others were aware of this musical, (we live in rural Vermont). I wish every teenager, every parent, every person who battles mental illness could experience this musical. I have spent a year reading and rereading the script book with music. I just received tickets for July as a gift and I honor the chance to see this musical live and wish I could bring every student I work with with me. Thank you All for the work you do to bring these character to life and tell their story.

  26. i miss ben platt
    don’t get me wrong this guy is amazing i just like ben is better

  27. I love the way they all ended the letter with sincerely me

  28. God I cried hearing the letters 😭

  29. Dear Evan Hansen
    Thank You Today I am 15 days clean And my suicidal thoughts Are under controll Thank you

  30. Will looks like he's actually about to cry…

  31. There’s nothing mental health positive about Dear Evan Hansen

  32. I would also like to say that Dear Evan Hansen helped me. I was super depressed and had so many thoughts almost every day of the thought of ending it. But after listening to the soundtrack and reading things about the show, I was in tears. It helped me get through the days and inspired me to write in a journal about my problems and things I liked about myself. If it wasn't for the musical I probably would've been more depressed than I already am and would've hated school. I made good friends from watching the show, and my friends have stuck by me ever since. I never had as good friends as I do now. I jumped from school to school every year and moved places a lot. My friends were only short, or I never had any. I found my home by giving my old school a second chance, where I met people like me. We helped each other, laughed at stupid things, and bonded with the help of musicals; as well as DEH. Mostly that musical. I can tell I helped my friend out as well, and I feel so loved and appreciated at the same time. Now my only fear is failing. I know I can live through my mistakes, and if they bother me; I know I can beat that as well. I made so many mistakes during my school year, but with the act of my friends forgiving me, I forgave myself as well.

    I still cry every time I listen to the sad songs in Dear Evan Hansen because it's so good and so sad at the same time. Right now I started being confident with myself. I tell myself how far I've come, and how I accomplished the impossible.

    I am not lying to you to say that Dear Evan Hansen changed me. A lot of musicals taught me things that I would've found out years into the future. It might've been too late. But DEH, it was one of my first musicals I've ever gotten into and I'm still obsessed today.

    — Sincerely,

  33. Why am I crying???? I’m not even 15 seconds into the video 😭😭

  34. I’m just gonnna cry real quick

  35. will looks so broken. i feel horrible. i love him so much

  36. This was very sad for me and hit home because i have attenpted suicide and am suicidal

  37. wish i could go see the show, it'd be nice to see it as a movie though…

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