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The Fisher Wallace Stimulator for Depression, Anxiety and Insomnia

Visit https://www.fisherwallace.com/ for more information.


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  1. I've received 1000 Fisher Wallace emails, all with great offers; yet today was the day I ordered my Stimulator. Rejoice in the Lord always, writes Paul; a state I seek after, and a thing I pursue. I imagine it is like when the colorblind for the first time get to see Red, White, and Blue. As I did my research in preparation, I found my answer in Dr. Xenakis's statement, "When it helps with all that", speaking of mood, sleep, and anxiety "It helps also with thinking, attention, and concentration". Now that's what I'm looking for – the whole package; A God sent. A big thanks to Chip Fisher.

  2. @fishwerwallacelaboratory Is there a full video this is taken from we can access?

  3. Why can't you purchase this without a doctor?

  4. I been using this for 3 weeks and it works %100. Don't know why they don't try show this and sale this on TV . They need to sale it on TV !!!

  5. I just started using it today, hope it helps. Medication is not enough.

  6. Update: This device is amazing and I thank God for it! I’ve noticed a big difference in about the month that I’ve been using it! I now use it once a day! Thanks so much 🙏❤️🙏

  7. I’m a mom with an adult, wayward daughter. The situation has triggered depression, anxiety and insomnia. I ordered this device tonight. I sure hope it works. I don’t like the thought of taking drugs.

  8. Sorry i am not a psych doctor fan

  9. From this video it says you can use this in conjunction with medication. Has anyone done that?

  10. How does this compare to TMS therapy?

  11. Omg I wish I could afford this. The Zoloft is not working like I want.

  12. I've been using it for one month. And I use it twice a day. I have started to sleep a lot better, and I thought I was sleeping okay before. When I wake up now, I'm more rested and calm. (But another thing I did was started getting 30 – 40 minutes of sunshine every day — which boosts your vitamin D.) I wanted to use this to fight depression, but it's has more helped with sleep. However, that better sleep has started to help with depression and anxiety – it just takes longer. I am also in the military – and I go see the doctor next week about depression, but my depression is not nearly as bad as it was one month ago.

    The thing about medications is that they go through the whole body – and they have to pass the blood/brain barrier. Whereas this goes right to the problem. I also think a little bit of sunshine every day really helps the body to produce the vitamin D that you need.

  13. Thank you for this video brother, I am going through the same thing and I was looking at the Fisher Wallace device because I can't stand pills. Are they covered by the VA?

  14. I bet the drug companies don't like this.

  15. THANKS, to God this product helped.

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