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The Missing Link – Inflammation and Mental Health presented by Dr. Adrian Lopresti 4/7/2016

-Free Educational Webinar Series Hosted by Terry Talks Nutrition-
Research over the past decade has highlighted the importance of inflammation in depression and other mental health disorders. In this webinar, Dr. Lopresti will cover the current research on the relationship between inflammation and mental health, how inflammation affects mood and general brain function, and where the epidemic of excess inflammation may be coming from. Natural solutions to reduce inflammation and therefore improve mood and mental health will also be covered. This includes a discussion on lifestyle, psychological, dietary and nutraceutical treatments that have ‘anti-inflammatory’ and mood-lifting effects.

Dr. Adrian Lopresti is a Clinical Psychologist in private practice and senior researcher at Murdoch University, Western Australia. He has over 18 years of clinical experience working with children through to adults, suffering from a range of mental health conditions including depressive and anxiety-related disorders. Dr. Lopresti has completed his PhD and published several articles in peer-reviewed journals on the effects of diet, nutraceuticals, sleep and exercise on biological pathways associated with depression, ADHD and bipolar disorder. He has also completed clinical trials investigating the antidepressant effects of curcumin and saffron in people with depression. Dr. Lopresti is a strong advocate of psychological, nutritional and lifestyle-based interventions to enhance mental health and continues to conduct research in the area.


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  1. About eating 5 times is wrong as a Dr you should know that every time you eat your blood sugar rise ,Five times or six times is an old way the doctors know.Fasting is the key to Type two diabetic .When you fast for more than 14 hours you will heal yourself
    I have healed so many people by fasting and herbs,vitamins and minerals and they don’t take medication anymore healed wounds on legs.
    Many have lost weight and many more illness
    For 5 times eating you need to do more research Doctor

  2. Sorry- can’t agree with you on the five meals a Day stance. True intermittent fasting can raise cortisol levels but how about reducing carbs and increasing healthy fats to reduce inflammation? When a person eats like that their glucose stabilizes. See MD Jason Fung.

  3. Very interesting and informative video,but I'm surprised there was no mention of serrapeptase or nattokinase – which are both natural anti inflammatory substances..

  4. What exactlly does he mean by inflamation?

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