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The Rise of Romanticising Mental Illnesses & Why It Must Be Stopped

In today’s video, I discuss The Rise of Romanticising Mental Illnesses in both social and mainstream media and why it needs to be stopped. I use Corinna Kopfs new merch, 13 Reasons Why, mental illness memes & tumblr art as examples of how mental illnesses are being romanticised on social media and in mainstream media.


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  2. Sometimes, I joke about my mental issues because humor makes me feel better, even if it’s self-deprecating.

  3. I have anxiety and depression (thanks, autism). Please, for the love of God, stop romanticizing it.

  4. I cant stand people who tell me things like "you wouldn't get my it" when I correct them about being "deppresed." This is why I dont talk about my bipolar depression. Because people will think im being "quirky"

  5. The romanticization of stuff like this caused me to try cutting at 13 years old. I still do it. Please dont just 'try' it, you could get addicted.

  6. When some girls have to talk with a cashier are like: oMG like I'm sooooo anxious rn like I want to cry" and it's annoying as fuck, I can't talk to other people, I have panic attacks and it isn't just like "omg I have anxiety don't talk to me", you're just being a jerk to people who suffers from mental illnesses

  7. So relevant today. Puts people with real mental illnesses on the back burner.

  8. Hope they got anxiety waiting for their name to show up👁❌👁

  9. Now I think about it…. Ten Count…

  10. A a person who diagnosed with MDD, I admit I do say some things like I wanna die, I wanna kill myself in social media. But I don't really use it for attention to people around me (although some said that they hate me for it). When I said things like that, it somehow came out as a habit whenever I feel tired or everything or not and at times, I would use it as a fact of self-depricate to make me feel ok at some point. Having these thoughts is not easy to recover and as a person who grew up relied only to myself and not open up irl, I gotten use to this ways and that is why using it to cope my mental health is kinda necessary for me although I know it was unhealthy. So yeah… I don't use it for attention but I hope that the rates of mental illness will decrease and the fact that normies also posts and shares relating to romanticize suicide and illness is not ok.

  11. You have the cutest nose btw

  12. Yooo the cobain suicide note shirt should be illegal like what the actual fuck

  13. I'm so happy I found a video about this

  14. i mean alot of its just artistic expression, some are dumb and tryhard but really its artistic to do it. if you dont get it, i wont explain it bc probaly not open minded anyway.

  15. While I do agree with this, as someone who previously considered on the daily both suicide and self harm and still continues to have depressive thoughts along with mild suicidal thoughts, I don’t think it’s so black and white. Yes, I’m not diagnosed, I haven’t seen any therapist or anything but that’s due to my culture so despite the fact that I even though I’m open about my depressive thoughts now, it’s still not put into consideration that I need a therapist and I wouldn’t really know how to get one either. I have asked for one so I can further understand what the hell is going on with me and why I’ve felt empty my entire life and got suicidal thoughts for 5 years. I’m not saying it’s okay to self diagnose but not a lot of us even have the opportunity to get an actual diagnosis.

  16. This girl I know always says she's depressed and she cut herself just to make a tiktok to show them off and captioned it "ignore my scars"

  17. The Gacha community: Hippty hoppity your attention is my property

  18. That wardrobe is 😍 order

  19. Depression is not fun and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. I hate it and don’t ever want to experience it again. But I do. I don’t see it as a trend (and it shouldn’t be seen as such at all) it is a real struggle. But I do appreciate it being talked about. Makes me feel like I’m not the only one.

  20. Yeah… People think anxiety is just overly-stressing/worrying and panic attacks but it's so much more than that. I've had anxiety since I was a kid and though life circumstances are the reason for it, there's also a genetic component and honestly… I wish I didn't have it. It's not the romanticized version everyone thinks it is. Since I was a kid, I've been struggling with chronic stomach pains and issues, those that can't be resolved because its just anxiety. I was put on meds for it but after I started getting better, they stopped giving them to me and I was so happy… But unfortunately, anxiety just keeps coming back and it's literally like a fucking… Toll. You can't move all that greatly with it. I still have so many stomach issues, knots around my body, and chest pains. I fucking hate it. But I know its something that I must work on to get better so… I can't just cry. I just wish others would realize anxiety isn't just what you see on the outside. It brings physical pain on the inside too. Why would anyone be proud of that?

  21. you got a point, a good point, but i can't keep shaking off the feeling that you're gatekeeping "being diagnosed by an actual psychologist" maybe the people who share those memes are using it as a way to deal with their problems, it's not ideal but if it helps them, let them be.

  22. Literally so many ppl are pretending to hate themselves and wanna die and like have depression because it's trendy and/or they want attention like ur making it hard for me because I'm going threw something but I can't speak up because I'm afraid that ppl are gonna get the wrong idea so thxs to all those ppl (including my sister's because they also do it)

  23. Sorry, but I just wanted to say… you look like that "I Baked You A Pie!" Guy from that shitty Tik-Tok video.

  24. My friend says she has OCD because she dislikes it when her bedsheets are wrinkled. And she never fixes them, just leaves them wrinkled,

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