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The Truth About Cholesterol! – Dr. Michael Klaper

Dillon Holmes with Dr. Michael Klaper

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  1. Dr Esselstyn says the same. If your endothelium is healthy, plaque from cholesterol won't form.

  2. I like Michael Klaper but the claims made in this video are dubious as hell. Cholesterol levels do matter.

  3. These guys always try to talk their way out of every discrepancy and anomaly . Show us the data that a vegan with 210 cholesterol number is not forming plaque ? He can't . This is very rare in veganism, most have 150 or much less. Your arteries don't know you are a vegan and give you a free pass. " oh, you have a 210 count but you're vegan ? Good to go" Rubbish. All you need to do is breath in our filthy air and you are damaging your arteries. You don't need sugar , cigarette smoke or animal products to do it.

  4. I also love the video from Dr Michael Greger (vegan also) where he explains this amazingly https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q7KeRwdIH04&t=1122s it's an hour long but basically he says to stay away from certain oils, and add omega 3 in the form of freshly grounded flaxseed and add B12 and of course exercise

  5. I believe this to be an intelligent and balanced approach to the "tryanny" of numbers. Eat whole plant based foods whenever possible. Preferably, all the time

  6. Thank you Dr Klaper for showing me the big picture regarding my elevated cholesterol despite being vegan for a year and a half. I have a LDL of 146 and HDL of 76. My goal is to eat more greens but now I will have less stress because I know my arteries are most likely clear.

  7. Love this commentary from Dr. Klaper! Thank you so much! I am a Plant-based nutritional therapist and totally meticulous about eating a clean, low fat Whole plant-based diet. But…I have genetic familial Hypercholestremia. My total is over 200, but C reactive Protein (CRP, measure of inflammation is VERY low). I constantly am having heated discussions with my primary physician about my refusal to take statins. I'm going to take him the link to this video!

  8. Great stuff. Vegans that eat whole foods and healthy plant goodness don't need to worry at all, the ones that eat vegan junk food all the time should worry. vegan junk food is still junk food, processed crap. Everyone's got a sweet tooth for something, for me it's natural peanut butter and strawberry jam with cashew or coconut ice cream. Just have it once a week or something and eat nutritious the rest of the time ; )

  9. there is a vegan who was eating fruits and veggies and got stroke…he was missing omega 3 in his life and had lots of stress…

  10. I mean… We could say it until the cows come home (better than them going to the abattoir) 😜:
    IT'S THE FOOD!!!

  11. Dr. Klaper's words are so reassuring! After a year on a WFPB diet and my cholesterol didn't change, remained at 177 or so. I was so discouraged I didn't get to 150 or below! My doctor was not discouraged at all, he reminded me that the body makes cholesterol.

  12. Thank you, Well Your World & Dr. Michael Klaper!

  13. Make more what i eat in a day i just found you last night im watching as much as i can before work lol

  14. I am afraid that the good doctor is being simplistic. While we should not be too focused on the numbers at the expense of other aspects of our behavior and lifestyle, we should not ignore the overwhelming data implicating not only inflammation but also such numbers as VLDL, LDL, TC/HDL, apoB/apoA1, etc in atherosclerosis.

  15. I love this video! Wish everyone who eats food took there time to see this. It can really help save lives! <3

  16. Good stuff! Easy to understand! Thanks

  17. This frustrates me… why would a healthy vegan have those high numbers? Seems like a signal of a problem… like too much stress or toxins in the water, air, environment, still a signal… if it is a signal of an unhealthy lifestyle, it is a signal of something unhealthy. I seriously don't understand how it can mean something one example but not the next. ???

  18. Before BIG PHARMA there was —- Sanity! We need to stop funding Big Pharma and go back to basics: eat low tech and healthy!

  19. I agree 100% with Dr. Klaper. Focus on the healthy eating and not on the numbers when it comes to cholesterol.

  20. He keeps it real I love it. Overdiagnosing to sell more drugs that don’t really help anything is our sad state of medicine. Wfpb for the win!

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