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The Truth About Heart Disease & Cholesterol — Dwight Lundell

#AdaptLIVE with Dr. Dwight Lundell (respected heart surgeon)

WHAT REALLY CAUSES HEART DISEASE? Watch this MOST informative and educational presentation.

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  1. Thank you so much. Great explanation. Thank you for doing what is best for other to gain control of their health…… people are destroyed for lack of knowledge and because they rejected knowledge.

  2. God bless this man! Dr. Lundell, please stay on your new course for the sake of all of us, and thank you for your honesty and your caring.

  3. Definitely a badge of honor! You have brightened my day more than you know! I already believed the same principles but you just gave me the extra reassurance I needed! Thank you!!!!

  4. What about if you have a stent and the doctor puts you on a statin, then they tell you whole grain no saturated fat and low fat. I don't eat the oatmeal but I drink oatmeal water is that the same thing.
    I told the Doctor , I'm scared to take a statin because it causes diabetes and other problems ,o that's old myth it might give some back pain or leg cramps ,we can change it later

  5. Thank you doc i love you from philippines💖❤️💕

  6. Doc thank you. You are saving lives.

  7. i don't trust any professional organization as they are more about furthering "revenue generation" rather than the pure purpose of medicine. Your "hurt" is a badge of honor for standing up. Thank you for asking the big question and use all your might to find answers and continue to help as many people as possible to escape the massive miseducation from school and goverments and total conspirarcies to steer the population towards being bunch of cash cows for industries.

  8. I LOVE when doctors tell the truth!!

  9. It’s a badge of honor. Thanks for having the guts to speak the truth.

  10. Badge of honor!! Al the way good for you!! Thanks!

  11. Thank you for your knowledge and sharing it.

  12. Honest and humble man, thank you.

  13. Thank you so much!!! … I had a lot of pain and heart problems 6 years ago, after falling down the stairs at home. I had had high blood pressure with medication, having been eating too much sugar for at least 30 years, and quite likely I got a stroke due to the injections and Sirdalud medication, which were given for treating my back pain right after the accident. The main veins of my heart looked alrigt, but some of the smaller veins were 25-90% blocked. I could just walk slowly, but I started little by little to make longer walks. And, I was prescribed statins in addition to the other medication.

    After having used statins for some time, I felt miserable. I got all kinds of muscle pain here and there. It was difficult to stand up in the morning. And, at nights I was afraid of dying. In the morning my heart was beating like crazy, if I accidentally streched me just a little while waking up. My doctor did not believe that my heart rate was 400 times a minute for a short period of time (20 secods or so), but he did let me cut down the statins into half that did remove both the fear and the crazy beat, but all the muscle and bone pain was still there.

    Then, after a few years with miserable nights, I decided to get rid of statins. Right away, I started feeling better. But, the best happened just two months ago, when I found Dr. Eric Berg's, Dr. Sten Ekberg's, Dr. Jason Fung's, Dr. Stephen Pinney's, Dr. Mary Vernon's, Dr. Eric C. Westman's and Dr. Peter Brukner's Youtube videos about the Keto diet! During the previous years I used to think that I shall never see a happy day again without pain. But, now I do feel great, I have noticeably lost weight, AND, there is no pain!

    I am so thankful for you and all those other good people, who have given me information about the Keto life style and intermediate fasting! Everybody should try it. And, I mean everybody! … Even people with diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure etc. as well as any other person wishing to live a healthy life. It is truly the easiest way to get slim, too.

  14. Look up Dr Richard Bernstein who has been a type 1 diabetic since age 12 and is now 86. Read his book "The Diabetes Solution"

  15. In addition to sugars causing inflammation the cholesterol found in the arteries is there to heal the inflammation. Just think of the epidemic in dementia and Alzheimers in people as young as 60. I believe it's inflammation of the brain caused by too many carbs and lack of natural healthy fats. I'm 64, just enjoyed 3 pieces of bacon, 2 eggs w/ a little cream cheese and green onion. I'm full, satisfied and won't eat again for 5-7 hours keeping carb limit under 20 most days

  16. Dr- God bless you- you would not believe how many doctors are still hostile to all this!

  17. With this evidence- why isn't every cardiac patient referred to a an endocrinologist? Every patient should be evaluated for insulin resistance.

  18. The main culprit is fructose

  19. The DOCTOR OF TRUTH! and yes it is a badge of honor DR of TRUTH.

  20. My great grandmother lived to 104 yr years old…She had never been in a Hospital and I dont think she ever went to a doctor until she was 102 Yrs old. I'm pretty sure that was her first time of ever getting sick enough to and that was just old age problems.One thing I thought was funny was she used snuff…lol. I think the only health thing she ever did was to stay away from Doctors 😉 …She was Irish!

  21. Thank you for having the bravery to do what is right. I am sorry about your medical license, but I am very grateful for the wisdom you are sharing. It makes a lot of sense to me. I had a heart attack at 57 after years of following the prescribed LOW FAT diet along with daily exercise, only to continue to put on weight, develop insulin resistance and fatty liver, and have my doctors not believe me when I said I was following their diet and exercise plan. I saw a functional doctor a year before the heart attack when I was eating the low fat/high carb diet and he ordered a VAP cholesterol test that showed I had predominantly small dense LD and little big fluffy LDL. I was told by the FM doctor to cut back on sugar and grains, but did not heed his advise. After the heart attack and a stent placement I was put on statins and told to go on a low fat diet and get more exercise, which is what I had been doing for the previous 20 years only to get fatter and more insulin resistant. I have tried the top 4 statins, all with major intolerable side effects. The doctors just won’t give up on pushing the statins and only care about my LDL, not A1C, not inflammation, not insulin resistance. Thanks to wonderful people like yourself, who dive deeper to find the root cause, I went on a low carb diet, cutting out all sugar, grains, and seed oils, etc. I repeated the VAP test after 9 months on low carb and had shifted to having mostly large fluffy LDL, higher HDL, and low triglycerides. I was very pleased. My cardiologist did not seem to see these changes as important and only wants to increase the statins even more, telling me that now that I have a stent, I need to be on statins for the rest of my life. Sigh. 🙁 I even switched cardiologist to hear the same mantra. Sigh. ☹️ That is why I am so thankful for this community and its support. God bless you! You have earned a badge of courage in my opinion!

  22. Badge of Honor for you Sir me thinks.

  23. I appreciated hearing Dr. Lundell, the first time hearing him. My own father had at least 3 bypass surgeries in his last 2 decades of life, and passed away at 75 from a heart attack. My mother passed away at 83, after having a series of strokes/heart attack in close succession — probably a byproduct of her Type 2 Diabetes. I have a 73 yr. old sister with T2D taking dialysis on her remaining kidney, and another younger sister with back problems, who has had cataract surgery on both eyes, and surgery on her small intestine due to unresolved internal bleeding issues. Suffice it to say, there seems to be sufficient evidence here, as well in my own rising blood sugar, rising blood pressure, rising thyroid levels of the past few years, to aim a finger at the damage being caused by sugar/carbs. For the past year, I've chosen to live low carb/keto, (am 72)as my husband also is doing, and my "numbers" have all dropped to normal, plus I've lost 40 lbs, which is an added happy bonus! Just wish my own family, which lives down in the USA (I'm in Canada), would see some of their way into more healing.

  24. This was one of the best talks I’ve seen, since learning about low carb eating. Thank you so much for this excellent lesson. I just got my CAC results back and will definitely continue with low carbs for the rest of my life. Unfortunately, my cardiologist still believes the cholesterol theory. I had the test to see if I could stop the statin. With a very strong family history of cardiovascular disease and a score over 900, he recommended staying on the statin. He never emphasized low carb, but said to continue with my weight loss program.

  25. Nice I’m giving a success story for Adapt you life I Long Beach trilled how fruit caused me to have a heart attack. You talk was in line with my story. Check out the bio on the program.

  26. I lift weights and I usually eat 6 eggs a day, I feel great, I noticed my testosterone has increased due to my high libido.

  27. Wonderful to hear this . ( Im studied the dangers of sugar for 8 years ) now I hear this ..I want to cry ( almost 15 years I lost my mother to a heart attack complications of diabetes, her le amputated and she died of heart attack 6 weeks later ) ….. In 2018 I loss my 58 year old sister to a sudden heart attack caused by complications to diabetes. ( she was on Statin drugs ) I begin to pay attention to SUGAR / BLOOD LEVELS in 2013 …… and begin eating LIKE a diabetic ( low carbs ) Im not diabetic BUT , losing family …. I knew I needed to research and study , WHY and how ive lost 7 family members to Cancer / Heart DZ and Diabetics . ( So now in 2020 at age 66 , My heart is excellent, lungs are perfect / NO diabetics / NO high BP….. )and yes I have been seen by TWO cardiologist and Pulmonologist in 2019

  28. Thank you for your honesty, there have been very few MD's in my experience that would ever admit to an error or mistake. Mistakes and the admission of them is very important to expanding knowledge. I've worked in the medical field for over 45 years as an LPN. I was forced out of work as the hospitals started demanding that nurses are papered by college degrees. Up until 2010 I worked along side RN's and BSN's on a med-surg and transplant unit and because of my work experience I was able to orient and train many of these papered nurses. The class room will never take the place of hands on knowledge. I was good at what I did but the corporate and the state stated I was not qualified to work anymore! I took pride that I was an old school no nonsense nurse and I took the oath very seriously, I took care of my patients and did whatever it took to perform my duties!
    In case you are wondering I am male and I am a man of color! I can not begin to state the obstacles I faced in the beginning of my career. Working on a med-surg unit especially during times of epidemics with multiple discharges and admissions is one of the most difficult jobs. I can say that because before I became an LPN I worked some "shit" jobs so I know" hard work" but as far as nursing goes, nothing learned in a classroom can prepare you for whats to come!

    Sorry that I meandered away from the topic, I'm in the twilight of my life and I've never really told anyone a little bit of my story! The only ones that know are the women I worked along side of. My children don't care what I've done or where I've been, I've survives the 1940's until the present. My parents were both orphaned during the depression so I was raised hard and tough in East Harlem NY.

    Like you I discovered the dangers of sugar and carbohydrates late in life. I made the change in August of 2019, I've lost 40+ lbs, A!C down to 5.2 from 6.8, fasting blood sugars down to low 90's from the 150's. My type 2 diabetes has resolved and I believe the fatty liver disease is resolving as well. When I told my PMD what I had done, he scolded me for being on a low carbs diet with intermittent fasting! He said I was starving myself. I'm far from starving, I eat quite well as a matter of fact. Sometime it's difficult to believe that eating a high fat diet that I have lost all this weight!!!
    Thank you again for your input and you discoveries, I hope you continue your good works and have a longer healthy continued life.

  29. EXCELLENT video Doctor!! Very well said!

  30. I believe this Doctor–thank you very much Sir for making this video—I will now look at any other videos you may have made–Thank you!

  31. Badge of honor Doc, thank you so much for this excellent presentation. I'm from Ireland, our country took on the same guidelines as America. We are now on course to become the fattest nation in Europe by 2030. My mother is on a statin, she has horrendous sickness and joint pain. I have suggested to the doctor that maybe we should take her off the statin but I got laughed at. I'm going to try again, this time armed with information. your presentation is a great help, thank you.

  32. It's a badge of honor! I'm an RN and starting to speak out myself. Thanks for the inspiration.

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