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The Vitamins I Take to Treat My Anxiety and Depression.

Everyone always asks me what supplements I take to combat my anxiety and mental health.

Depression, mood swings, suicidal thoughts – these are all things I used to deal with.

Wondering how I treat it? Watch the vide where I break down all the things I do to take care of my mind and keep my brain healthy.

Check out the article on What is Perfection here:

The Best Supplements for Mental Health.

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PTSD anxiety/depression

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  1. Focus Factor from Costco relived my depression from a 10 to a 1

    I then ordered a product called truehope empower plus and it worked the same as focus Factor for me
    After years of being able to cry very easily I’m finding it a challenge to cry at all today

    I’m going on month two like this and I’m praying it continues
    It’s hard to believe I had been walking by my solution for 10 years every time I went shopping

    We take supplements for granted because they’re inexpensive
    Circa 1819 a product line focus factor would’ve been a miracle in chemistry and would’ve cost millions in r and d Today it’s 20 bucks for 2 month supply
    There’s no money in this shit today
    There’s no money in solutions only keeping you as a long term customer

    I had really bad anger issues too and that has left me but I know somewhere in here I’m fucking furious that a doctor leaned into my mom 30 years ago and said this kid needs Prozac because I was sad that a friend moved out of the neiborhopd

    Prozac does long term fkg up of the brain especially in a developing brain

  2. Omega 3, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, that's it, all I need. Works for me.

  3. Mam plz send in India. Me bari dukhi hu.depression se mam last March se continued depression h g plz help me

  4. Laurens..my daughter suffered depression since elementary because of bullying….consult in pschytrist and prescribed many different medicines..but she doesn't take it….now she is already 20 and she doesn't take any medicine when she attacked her depression she is just crying after cried a lot she is relieved and it's everything ok again ….but I'm worried about her…how can I contact you to give her a positive advice

  5. I needed this! Thank you so much! Much love to you <3

  6. I take the mini fish oils that has burp control in it. Don't burp at all.

  7. Thank you for this helpful video! May I offer some more suggestions? Research indicates many people with bipolar do much better emotionally taking Flax Oil for their Omega 3s (rather than fish oil). Epsom salt baths get magnesium in your system extremely fast – recommend every 3 days if feeling anxious or depressed. Magnesium helps over 300 body processes happen, and stress reduces it. Magnesium citrate is a good form, but the baths are the fastest; leave it on overnight for more absorption. Beware of rhodiola if you have bipolar mood disorder or even have it in your family – rhodiola can shoot you up into mania, which is much harder to bring under control compared to depression. Many vitamin store staff seem unaware of this issue with rhodiola. Be sure to read up for possible drug interactions before taking any supplement with a pharmaceutical. Saint John's Wort in particular does not play well with pharmaceuticals – dangerously so. Also be sure you are getting at least 20-30 minutes per day outside; the Schumann Resonances outside stabilize physical and mental health. Too much time indoors will make you sick. Learn how to ground that unhealthy upset down into the earth. Earth will pull hucha (heavy emotional energy) off you if you ask and lie down on Gaia. This sounds far out, but lie down, ask, and relax to see for yourself. She can also send up healthy life force energy in the process if you ask. This was taught to us in shamanic training. I also saw an article about Walmart vitamins – many of them contain little or none of what they claim to contain, so buyer beware. Finally, check antennasearch.com to be sure you aren't being hit with too much EM radiation within 2 miles of your house (include wifi hubs and antennas in your search). Too much EM can make you anxious, depressed, and sick endlessly. If you are being overdosed with EM, you can move or you can buy devices such as Blueshield which protect your body or bed or house. Just realize it's affecting your pets as well. EM radiation causes cells to be unable to communicate with each other, so all organs – including the brain – begin to degrade. (5G will be even worse, it's a microwave radiation form! so it must be stopped.) EM is bombarding us all, and we must deal with it intelligently. I moved and am feeling much better.

  8. Listen to the end… she’s teaching you how to love yourself. Be patient and release the judgments. There is a message here despite just supplement usage

  9. Hello, your so Right that’s all they do put you on medication and you in room for 5min 🤦🏾‍♀️… that’s crazy

  10. Wow, please get to the point!

  11. I've diagnosed with Bipolar for 20 years. I stopped all meds over a year now. And I've been taking One 5-HTP, One St. John's Wort and One B-Complex vitamins before bed. No more Dr's!!! I hope this can work for you.

  12. Hello Lauren,
    I know you posted this video a couple years ago, but i'm just curious to know how you weaned off the prescribed mesication?

  13. Lauren when should I take the 5-HTP morning or evening? Thanks

  14. its too talkative than informative,

  15. I have made a video that helps with anxiety bipolar and depression

  16. Hey good stuff miss! Keep up the good work!

  17. Lauren I want to thank you sooo much for putting me on to these supplements. They have changed my life!!! Thank you, thank you 🙏🏾

  18. The recommendations are: Omega-3 fish oil, Rainbow brand multivitamin, 5-htp, and True Calm. I just saved you 30 minutes of your life.

  19. Prozac I think is an antipsychotic

  20. Take CBD with just one or two of those other things. Best starter brand is Charlottes Web.

  21. Oh the bitch just yacks. Can anyone just list the vitamins.

  22. 14:33 5htp if u dont care your sexdrive goes to 0 take those pills, it kills your libido no erection even taking cialis viagra or whatever

  23. Flaxseed oil can be found w/ Omegas 3, 6 & 9

  24. First, you Beatiful!😉
    I'd follow the link to order the supplements but you miss one; the methyl something. 😓
    Thanks for the video,💗

  25. I have just begun taking magnesium for anxiety.

  26. I love you energy from that star !!!

  27. OMG! Thank you so much. I'm gonna buy 5 HTP. I'm having anxiety and panic attack.

  28. You should try Lithium Orotate. It's great for bipolar or PTSD symptoms.

  29. Trauma victims are often told that the can only "manage" and not "cure" their trauma. That theory is bullocks- if you implement a holistic approach to resolving trauma- eating, supplementation,exercise and doing things that take you to a happy place. You CAN heal.

  30. OMG, thank you so much! I can't wait to try your recommendations.

  31. What do you think of cbd ?

  32. Hello I just wanna say you are a freaking angel I been diagnose with aniexty/panic and omg it's fucking crazy emotional rollercoaster I just wanna say you are inspiring great to listen too your words touch my core this morning big game changer Thank you so much god bless🙏

  33. I love the true calm. Super high ease feeling in the evening just from one pill 😊💓

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