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There's a Mental Health Crisis Among Florida's Kids | VICE News Tonight Special

Florida ranks 44th in the country for access to mental health care. And one of the quickest and easiest ways to get it is by invoking a 1971 law called the Baker Act. It allows for anyone threatening to harm themselves or others to be involuntarily committed to a psychiatric facility for 72 hours. Committed, a VICE News Tonight special report, delves into the experiences of three families in crisis, each struggling with a child’s mental illness, whose lives intersect for 72 hours at Gracepoint Wellness, one of the largest and oldest children’s crisis facilities in Florida. Isobel Yeung speaks with counselors, families, law enforcement, and school officials to investigate how the Baker Act’s patchwork system of short-term commitments is increasingly becoming a stand-in for a more comprehensive and long-term mental health care system.

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  1. This VICE News Tonight special report, delves into the experiences of three families in crisis, each struggling with a child's mental illness, whose lives intersect for 72 hours at Gracepoint Wellness, one of the largest and oldest children's crisis facilities in Florida.
    WATCH NEXT: The Farmer Fighting Rural America's Mental Health Crisis – http://bit.ly/2Wcppf7

  2. It hit me "I am worried about the school. I am worried about the home." "Well we will prescribe you some medications." WTF?

  3. lol privileged 1st world people and their fragile minds. This is what happens when you treat people like special snowflakes…A little heat and they start to melt!

  4. Interesting, a woman who dosent want to get fat can kill the baby they may be carrying so they can stay thin. But someone who doesn't want to live must suuffer tell they die of old age!

    If abortion is leagal, souaside should also be leagal!

  5. They treat kids horribly at Gracepoint and Dr. Iglesias has also told kids that their better option would be to kill themselves.


  7. If you guys are required to take mental health medications in Florida and California. They have a mental health warrant where police threaten children, women and men to take mental health medications. You are not liable for being ptsd by police. You are not liable if you take up acting lessons that you truly passed out while driving a van into pedestrians. The judge needs to hear you were drugged and have ptsd because police threatened you and police carried a gun. Those who live through your van will likely be paralyzed for life.

  8. This is Florida we’re talking about there’s a mental health crisis among the entire state

  9. This will follow these kids for the rest of their life. Here are some ways it will effect you.

    Wanting to join the military? Can't.
    Want a concealed carry permit? Can't.
    Want a government job? Goodluck.
    Want any job with a security clearance? Nope.
    Want this to show up on every background check forever? Too bad.

  10. That girl needs to be taken away from her parents and given to a good kind caring married couple who cannot have kids. Such SHIT parents.

  11. Damn I really feel sorry for Chris. I wonder what the cause for his bad mental state is, he seems to be pretty alone and maybe bullied? I have no idea but I hope he is better now or not then in the future!

  12. If we spent more on accessibility to good and comprehensive mental health care especially for kids , we’d spend a hell of a lot less on the costs of housing the 2.3 million adult prisoners for decades.

  13. They call it medication but you are walking on street into building to physclogoist physiatrist but they are street dealers and dont care about you and will say you have chemical imbalance but the guy you buy weed from won't say you have chemical imbalance

  14. Just Florida's kids?? Are you fucking kidding me

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  16. Mom lives in her box an crys when her box is broken

  17. Dr. West, a Pediatric Psychologist, is doing some great things in the mental health world. See one of her videos. https://youtu.be/3rkhHcHG9Ew

  18. This kid is just threatening his parents to get attention knowing that they will always be afraid to loose him as all parents are. This kid is spoiled.

  19. Unsupportive surroundings.

  20. May the peace of God rule the minds, hearts, and thought lives of these young people. May God show himself strong and mighty in their lives. Amen ❤️

  21. I was suicidal 3 years ago, I tried to kill myself by eating rat poison. My parents treated me badly and I was being bullied in school.
    When I got my mobile and Internet connection I did everything I can do for self improvement. I am not at all suicidal but even better, I have encouraged many of my friends and changed there lives. I didn't get any support from my parents or anyone. I just had the feeling to change. Now I have spent best time with those who bullied me years ago. I am the humorous and buffed guy in the group. My parents haven't changed but I have accepted them as they are. I am more happy than I have ever been.
    Those people who want to end there lives are not stupid, they have there reasons. We need to show empty with them.

  22. residential help is no help at all. source: I've lived in one

  23. To be honest, I was at Gracepoint CCSU. Three times. I was taken in December of 2018 by my caretaker, I was taken in June of 2019, and the last time in August of 2019.

    It wasn't the best time, but to be honest there was some great Staff there and some of the Staff there, I seen in the video.

    Two of the three times, I was taken by HCSO.

  24. I just want too say. I go to the school Chris goes to and he was a friendly kid. We met at gracepoint but we rarely spoke. We had group therapy together and he was a really good guy. At school he had a girlfriend and yet he seemed dull. I personally also don't thing 72 hours is enough either. I fell back into the same state that I was in before I was baker acted. Nowadays parents only care about if their kid has good grades, the chores are done, and that's it. It sucks.

  25. you just waste your money, this expert doesn't even know what they doing haha.


  27. The psych ward is a whole mess. They lump you in with people who can’t relate to you and don’t actually give you the help you need. I came out more depressed than when I went in. They strip you of your rights when you’re put on suicide watch, but you don’t get to talk to any professionals. Baker Act is WHACK

  28. It is painful to watch how useless the staff is in this video. They do nothing but collect insurance money.

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