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Things Students With Anxiety Wish Their Teachers Understood

School is stressful. For students who live with anxiety, the pressure can be amplified and more difficult to manage. Here’s what students with anxiety wish their teachers knew.

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  1. This is my life.. Seriously teachers don't understand what im like inside they just think I'm lazy or a wimp.

  2. Had a 10 minute panic attack in my silent class today and my teacher wouldn’t let me leave the classroom because I was in trouble for talking. :)))))))

  3. I recently had to do a 23 question assignment. A small portion of the assignment was getting into a circle with all of my classmates and discussing our answers. I get nervous when I'm in close proximity with others (anxiety sweat smells the worst), so I decided to sit a little out of the circle, but still near. The assistant professor asked me if I'd like to join the circle, so I politely replied: "no I'm fine." Then, the main professor demanded that I sit in the circle "why don't you just come sit over here." I think I almost passed out three times during the class sitting in the chair. Trying to concentrate on my breathing and holding back tears. I would've been fine and actively participated in the discussion, I just wanted to do it at my own pace sitting off to the side. I pay thousands of dollars to attend university, surely I should be able to sit wherever the hell I want. Besides, it's my grade. If I wanted to sabotage a few points, just let me.

  4. One time in English i didn’t do a homework because i had to study for 2 tests that night and the teacher started shouting at me and embarrassing me in front of the whole class and i was so nervous and panicking because i have anxiety

  5. But sit in a profesor shoes for a while: some kid gets out of class out of sudden with no word or is constantly being late not saying why. People do not have ability to read your mind, so do not blame them for not understanding. Unless you're wearing t-shirt with huge sign "anxiety disorder, keep distance" no one will know what is wrong with you and everyone will assume you're just lazy weirdo.

  6. I can relate to this a LOT 😔😔😔 My anxiety has gotten worse since my second year at university. After having an appointment and assessment with my doctor and counsellor, I was told that I must of been struggling with anxiety before university and for a long time. I overthink and analyse everything. But it has become worse in these last few years. It was just small at first, but now I’m experiencing physical symptoms and constant restless night. It affects my whole life. I find it difficult to concentrate when reading articles as well as concentrating in lectures, because I have so many thoughts in my head. In first year, I would attend my classes and be the person to ask questions. However, now, I miss my classes and seminars more regularly, because I attend a top university, I feel like people will think “this or that” and that I’m dumb, if I answer a question wrong. So now I just don’t contribute anything to my class. I’ve also made excuses of not doing my presentation, because I know people are really intelligent, and feel that I’ll do rubbish. It just makes me look really bad in front of my lecturers, but I can’t explain to them that I’m struggling with very bad anxiety, and that it is this which explains my absence. I have to take time to do assignments, when other people do it the night before, because it gives me anxiety, and I panic. I also worry about the future a lot, like failing, but also generally with anything in life. My anxiety disorder has affected every aspect of my life. I know it is irrational, but it’s easy to say, then to try and not think irrationally. I am struggling with it a LOT. No one understands, including my family when I tell them, they just get annoyed and say I’m being over dramatic and annoying. So I just try to cope with it myself. I am attending counselling at my uni, but they’re not that frequent, as appointments get filled quickly by students. And I cannot get help in my home town, as I’m registered as I live away for university, and am registered there. So basically I don’t have anyone to give me proper support, and am trying to cope with it myself.

  7. I've decided, when I graduate highschool which will be in another year… that I will send this to my teachers through email. They already know part of it because my mom has begged me over and over to tell her about my depression. But honestly, I don't want to tell them anything. Because I dont want them to worry about me…and I dont want to make them think it's their fault. I've felt this way since MIDDLE SCHOOL. During a meating a few months ago, we talked about it on the phone with my mom. And she told them I had depression. I was literally on the edge of TEARS. And nothing has changed since then. Even though we've talked about it so many times. I remember this one time, quite a while ago but still in the same grade I am in now, I was in gym class, and I have anxiety. We had to do this parkour course. And of course all of the popular girls were their. I felt so mortified at what I was doing. I made the other kids wait for me. And on top of that, the teacher made it worse by saying "at the end, we'll grade each other and hand it in to me" at that point I was almost crying. My lips where shivering and I walked out of the school when the bell rang. I was trying not to cry in front of the oth er students.. but i just couldn't hold it in anymore because it was just so embarrassing. My grandma was picking me up that day and I just went off. I cried so much and called my mom in the car to tell her what happened. My grandma dropped me over at my moms work and I just cried so much. Her boss was in the house but she was silent the whole time. My mom called one of my teachers. The one that organizes my schedule ect. Now I'm a special needs Student, but I don't need as much help as some of the other students do. Their's a mix of students. And my mom talked to her for a while. But obviously nothing changed. This is what I don't understand, they say you need to reach out to us if you have a problem, but when we do, they never do anything about it. They just push it off to the side. Why should we tell you when you don't even bother to make a difference?…

  8. I have one teacher who had anxiety when she was younger. So whenever I'm having an attack, she's always there to help. Even thought my mom thinks I don't know what anxiety is, I do and I have it. I just wish she knew.

  9. my stomach makes noises because of my anxiety and ive recently been missing out on alot of school because of this… i hate it

  10. I wish teachers respected my triggers. I can’t stand loud noises so when the class gets to loud and I stop working because I’m having an attack, please give me a few minutes outside to collect myself.

  11. Teacher: Looks like the two smartest kid in class is raising there hand.

    Teacher: I'l just pick the quiet kids with anxiety, depression, Bipolar disorder, ADHD, I'm sure that will go well.

  12. Suicide yea i been considering that and im only nine i cryed over this because i can relate so much thank you for making this🙂

  13. yeah, i have a math teacher(im terrible at math ) and she has this cup with sticks with ur name on it and she will pull ur name out and call u to do the math question and say how u do it. i freaked out, and i have social anxiety so everytime i get called on id freak out and my words would barely come out of my mouth. also if u say u dont know the answer she will STILL force u to work it out

  14. I don't get social anxiety to this extent but I do get the general anxiety bit, feeling something is so big when it's not has always been a burden, I've stopped doing stuff I love because of judgement and I can't do those things ever agian

  15. My Teacher Has Anxiety So She Understands Me QwQ

  16. My biggest fear is working in groups.

  17. One just stares at me as if she wanted to yell at me for no reason,it was a nightmare
    One just smiled everytime i was in a bad state,i wanted to stay away
    One just made me smile,but his letter on the door wasnt enough
    One assumed i was really feeling bad at the bad moments,i wish she did at the right moments
    One just swiped everything away saying 'thats how life is',i couldn't trust her
    One was very intolerent,i couldnt make a single mistake infront of her
    One expected alot from me,i couldnt take it anymore
    Two are alright,they never noticed anything,so i didnt feel like i could trust them

  18. No one understands me or how I feel . Everyone thinks I’m weird . I just want one person who will actually give me a chance

  19. I wish they knew that we can’t always just come up and talk to you about all our problems, it’s hard. Not everyone likes opening up

  20. I was all alone because my friends abandoned me on my first day at a new huge school and I was almost crying because I was so scared. A teacher came up to me and asked if I was ok but I said I was fine because I was too worried about bringing to much of my problems into her

  21. I wish they understood that in sports class I really am trying my hardest and I’m not lazy. It’s just really hard because everything moves kind of slow for me

  22. I have really bad anxiety and whenever a teacher calls on me my heart starts beating really fast and hard and it doesn’t stop until about an hour and a half after. My hands start sweating really bad and everyone looks at me

  23. my mom always says “I’m too lazy” or my dad thinking “I’m just a rude child not to talk to someone or stay out of your room” because I refuse to do something and when I do speak..I always say something wrong and it makes me feels like a new demon has just crawled into forever..

  24. In Pe we’re doing dance and my teacher one day said get into pairs and make up a duet you’ll perform it in 15 minutes. I explained that I have extreme stage fright and anxiety and stuff like that. I got a detention for “defiance” what the actual hell I feel like a piece of shit

  25. I wish my teachers would know that i am mentally ill and want to die because of school ( and other reasons)

  26. I have severe anxiety and my teacher made us read are essays to the rest of the class. I get up to the front and start reading, my heart starts pounding, I start stuttering then I break down in tears in front of my entire class. No one likes me anymore, they all think I’m a weirdo. It was the most traumatic experience of my life, all because he wanted to “help” me.

  27. i don't hate you, i'm sorry i don't look you in the eye or laugh at your jokes, and i'm not usually this quiet i'm just really uncomfortable like all the time

  28. I relate to this on a spiritual level

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