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Tips To Maximize Chest Growth & Rest Day Nutrition!


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(0-28)- Question 1- How to maximize your workout for a bigger chest
(1:32)- Shoulder Warm-Up

(1:43)- Method 1- Burn Sets
(1:49)- My Chest Workout
(2:38)- EXAMPLE of a Burn Set

(4:30)- Method 2- High Reps
(4:46)- High reps means more volume for the muscle to grow

(5:03)- Method 3- Slow Negatives
(5:18)- MAXIMUM GROWTH- all video links
(5:24)- Example of a 1 — 1 — 3 TEMPO

(7:04)- Form demonstrations on barbell and dumbbell chest exercises

(7:22)- Barbell Bench Press proper form video
(7:37)- Tip One- Barbell Bench Press – Make sure the barbell is even on the way up and down.

(8:20)- Tip Two- Barbell Bench Press – Put torque on the barbell

(9:00)- Applying Tips 1 & 2 to the Incline Chest Press
(9:40)- Applying a 1 — 1 — 3 TEMPO to the Incline Chest Press

(10:26)- Applying Tips 1 & 2 to the Dumbbell Chest Press
(11:28)- Applying Tips 1 & 2 to the Dumbbell Incline Chest Press
(12:00)- Applying Tips 1 & 2 to the Dumbbell Incline Fly & Dumbbell Flat Bench Fly

(13:40)- Question 2- Rest Day Nutrition
(14:30)- My current daily macros
(15:22)- How I adjust my macros on a REST DAY.

(16:28)- Carbs: Re-Feed Day
(17:26)- Send in your questions!


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  1. During the process of benches and the Flies nothing was mentioned about maintaining a neutral spine…. most people are laying flat as a pancake or they are overarching!

  2. More misinformation…. you're working your nervous system and over taxing the nervous system Harder Than You Are the muscles… that's a Surefire way to make no progress, in muscle building!

  3. Please Scott, do a video about why do we need rest day?

  4. Do your refeed the day before leg day. You're welcome.

  5. I think you mean isometric, not isolation

  6. That shirt makes this guy look twice as big.

  7. why is he wearing an apron?

  8. Is it me or you incline your bench much more than what it's supposed to be inclined at? Just wondering.

  9. I've been trying your Maximum Growth workouts, and I have to say that doing the tempo has helped me get so much better at controlling the weight and getting a good contraction. 

  10. Good information.  Proof is in his build.

  11. Great tips all around. Watching this before my chest workout, can't wait to try out the drop sets 🙂

  12. This guy is a douchebag. He's already giving off three distinct, stereotypical douchebaggery vibes within the first minute of the video.

  13. 06:22 Education is important, muscles are importanter! 🙂

  14. your shirt is trying to rip itself off you, i think. that shit is just two strings

  15. Whats the rock song u put at the start of ur vids??

  16. Why is my left bicep smaller than my right when I am left handed

  17. same applies when working shoulder, i cant use dumbells for shoulder pressing because again the pain becomes really bad which effects my technique resulting in poor form.

  18. I struggle with my chest due to the fact I have had a sore shoulder, this restricts my movement and the pain becomes unbearable when lowering the weight to a certain point. I haven't been to the doctors with it as i have heard a lot of people say the doctors cant do nothing with a shoulder injury. is this true and can you give me any advise?

  19. Yes…should we really cut down on rice if we wanna get lean..I've got sizes but not much definition

  20. Can I mix all 3 methods for each workout session?

  21. For me its the opposite. When I stayed at home always eating rice twice a day. But when I am living in western countries I dont cook a lot so Im consuming less rice every day now. I think my body has been used to rice. Eating less rice makes me feel hungry more often and my muscles have not grown as fast as before due to not enough calories intake (even when I consumed a lot of protein).

  22. Hey I notice that your inner leg is so built what workout do you do for that?

  23. Ur links r missing on ur vdos. Thx

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