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Top 5 Simple Nutrition Tips for Rapid Fat Loss (Lose Weight!)


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  1. It is 2020, now omar is broke, he would even dance on streets for a little bit of creatine

  2. Haha awesome vibes man and good tips

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  7. Is it just me or hasnt Omar aged in 9 years?

  8. Gran transformación, sigue así! Saludos desde México.

  9. Lmfao… these videos are the most Gangsterous

  10. MAHOOSIVE throwback!

  11. Tip number 6. Deal with being hungry….

  12. Recent "review" video brought me here. No regrets.

  13. Video 2000 now 2017 so 17 Years Old Video 😂

  14. Started from the bottom now we here

  15. I love it! BTW, so glad you didn't take the name Assmaster for the channel! lol

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  17. these old videos are gold

  18. Honestly, Republic Commando deserves a remaster

  19. does your website still work?

  20. idk if this is serious or trolling

  21. watching on 2017… hilarious


    HAHA Love it man, the "old" Omar 🙂

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  25. What happened to Omar Isuf??

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