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Training Day – How to Measure Blood Pressure

No clinician would argue that blood pressure measurement is an important part of most patient consultations. But an increasing body of clinical evidence seems to indicate that improper blood pressure technique is fairly common. In an effort to contribute to the conversation of proper blood pressure technique, SunTech proudly presents a clinical training video unlike any that you’ve ever seen. It’s entertaining and funny, but also grounded in best practices as laid out by the American Heart Association and the latest clinical research. It may even be the most fun you’ve ever had watching a training video! If you enjoy watching, feel free to pass it along to any clinical professional you might know who measures blood pressure. Like it on Facebook! Tweet it! Instagram it! Just please, don’t ignore it!

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  1. Though I didn't learn anything from the video, it was funny and a great teaching tool for those who are new at blood pressure measurements. I've been taking my blood pressure for about 20 years and this video is spot on. One thing I would add to this video, since there are all sorts of shaped arms is how to put a cuff on an arm that is a bit cone shaped for instance so the width of the cuff closes the length of the artery under the cuff.

    I love this video where the arm shape is considered when putting the cuff on. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ja2uB_FAG0Q
    I would like to see Suntech start making 2 tube cuffs that have a curve to them to fit better around cone shaped arms like mine . My arm is fat also.

  2. very good now I can piss -off my nurse with all my new found knowledge. Cool!👍#SavedSHARED👈

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