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Treating Anxiety & Depression With Cannabis

These individuals are treating their anxiety & depression with cannabis successfully!


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  1. I decided to create a GoFundMe account. Why not I'm a single full Dad and receive very little child support from my son's Mother. Things are tough all over right now and the Federal government is forcing me into bankruptcy soon with the monthly cost of my cannabinoid medicine. If you can help it's much appreciated! https://www.gofundme.com/JamesColquhoun

  2. Can’t wait ! Finally been referred to a medical cannabis doctor on Tuesday after 13 years with major depressive disorder and anxiety, recent spinal fusion , fibromyalgia & ibs .

  3. Does it help with schizophrenia?

  4. My boyfriend and I have dog appointments together, I'm trying to get him to stop smoking before the day of doctor appointment, would doctor discontinu the meds he needs or report?

  5. Marijuana affects your brain
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  6. I smoke cannabis for my depression and ADHD and it make me more relaxed and freshed

  7. Guy in the beginning needs water come on guys

  8. "6:15" Her nose ring or whatever that is looks like a big yellow booger hanging out her nose. I don't know why people think that looks good but whatever.

  9. Anxiety and Depression are not on the list for allowed uses. The closest is PTSD which I do not have.😢😠

  10. How effective is Atoractove Secrets? I've heard many awesome things about this popular anxiety method.

  11. I hope i can try it here in the Philippines but it's not possible.

  12. Fuck all that are with pharma and say that weed worse

  13. Certain strains,growth types ,endless variables along with a personalities and mental state again endless variable, cannabis could make anxiety worse and bring on attacks/make worse. Edibles seem to be more affective with panic disorders but other types of anxiety-social,ect. More common versions, this does not treat unless u can directly use/treat for the cause or trigger of disorder.

  14. Cuddos to you for posting this. I'm ready to go in the direction. I'm sick of the antidepressant I'm on and the debilitating side effects. It's also destroying my liver. Those scumbags didnt tell me any of that when they started me on it.
    I also have IBS and Diverticulitos, PTSD. I was told pot could help that too. You sold me.

  15. I believe in legalizing but these people we losers

  16. Using medical weed does not help my anxiety in fact it made it worse. It takes all my negative thoughts about myself even worse. I overthink everything and I can keep a clear head. People and videos like this say “oh it helps” not true it never helped me. I think it was easier to deal with without any meds than it was when I used weed

  17. Who the fuck gives a child antidepressants?!

  18. Wow this girl crying about natutally medicating is absurd. And self medicating is not the only answer. Cognitive behavioral therapy is. Smoke weed and enjoy but your not treating yourself. Pleases.

  19. i wish weed would help with my anxiety, but it just makes me even more anxious and paranoid…

  20. I am currently Treating Anxiety & Depression With Cannabis and pain too because I had kidney cancer, I had to have my right one removed and I can not take pain killers to hard on kidney and I have a sciatica issue, so it work very well for pain to marijuana saved my life

  21. Working on cannabis to heal my broken heart . Hope it works

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