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Try These Naked Yoga Poses at NYC's Naked in Motion

Learn a few naked yoga poses with Naked in Motion, one of the classes Time Out has rated one of the 20 weird fitness classes in NYC everyone should try at least once.

Want to know the other 19? The full list can be found here:

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  1. I'm only saying the truth, it's no point making nude videos if censorship is included.

  2. Cant see amything no boobs no pussy dislike this video

  3. Naked yoga 99% of the class are men old men and the few females there are have been blurred out. Just pull up naked yoga on YouTube search and you'll find something of Interest but not this one

  4. Yes nude yoga, but bring your own fuzzy circle because we'll be on camera today! <LOL>

  5. You mind if I give this video a dislike? Not because this video is censored but because the people that go to these are feminists, SJWs and Trump haters. All of whom are the very racist and sexist people that they claim to fight against.

    Not to mention that you'll probably will never find a good looking person at one of these, mostly because leftists tend to be unattractive.

  6. This yoga must be unconcerned pls give notification

  7. Why post naked when u censor out wtf stupid

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