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URGENT: You Must Know This About Blood Pressure Medications!

Are blood pressure medications overly prescribed? Wait until you hear what Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum has to say about it. It might change the way you look at the medication. He also mentions some natural ways to lower blood pressure and it has nothing to do with salt intake! Find out why.


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  1. C'mon…Mr MD…you KNOW NO doc is EVER gonna let you come off med…no matter how low.theyll tell you to quit the vitamins

  2. But what about people with anxiety that they blood pressure goes up when feeling anxious and doctors proscribed clonidine for blood pressure and anxiety

  3. I'm taking high blood pressure tablets but I haven't got high blood pressure.. what do I do

  4. Yes the same herw, my doctor told me i will take it forever.
    But i like this video. It will be nice to talk with this specialist.
    Who know this person, i like to call him and ask him question. I need some advise. Thank you for the video

  5. It appears to me that some Blood Pressure lowering Tabs are causing a Weakness of
    Breathing Muscles.
    Could this be possible ???
    When I took Cardesartan and Ramipril plus Nomexor, half bellow full allowed Dosis, I felt like I were a Mineral Water Bottle with Carbonatoc Pressure inside and my Breathing was likewise that of a Diver Breathing in the Deep Sea.
    Any Ideas what this has been ?
    Also I was unable to be relaxed and Breathing was extremely imtensive.
    I hardly slept during Nights because of Fear.
    For this Reason I stopped than and because having lost 20kg's it worked somehow although still Blood Pressure is too high especially during Times of Stress, but not by that far as it was before.
    However it's not all about Weight Loss, many People are slim and making Sport but also have high Blood Pressure.
    It must have to do something with the Stress in Life and also Food Quality simce many Years has erodet.

  6. anybody here quit taking medication for high bp for one or more year and still alive today?

  7. There is nothing wrong with high blood pressure. We need it as we age as our body regulate and heal itself. It's not a disease. It's completely normal. As part of healthy aging and staying healthy, we need more oxygen in the brain. And more oxygen to the brain will always require high blood pressure without limits, depending on how much we need and everybody is different with age. We also need higher blood pressure to help get rid of waste and toxins in our body faster and that's another good thing. Also, if someone fell or got a stroke, blood pressure is elevated to keep the brain alive after the stroke. If you want to believe this doctor and take the medication to get it down to 120, then you are free to do so. But keep in mind that you will one day get dizzy when standing up and you may have to be careful walking to make sure you don't stumble or fall as you age. That can increase the risk of Dementia or Alzheimer's in elderly.

  8. If I have low blood pressure I take just a little bit of salt and it raises my blood pressure. Anyone who listens to their body knows that salt raises blood pressure.

  9. all pharma drugs are sick care.. eating right is health care

  10. I came here to find answers. I don't like Big Pharma.
    My sister started taking Blood Pressure medication.
    She just went to the ER because she has been feeling awful. & her legs and hands are swollen & feel off.
    She went to the doc a few days ago & ran some test. She just got off the phone & they said to go to the ER.
    She is either having heart attacks or strokes.
    I am wondering if her taking the Blood Pressure medication is causing strokes or heart attacks.
    If someone knows… let me know.

  11. What to do if person take blood pressure madicine accidently

  12. MY guy friend has been taking one for years its caused nothing but backaches, fatigue , dry mouth and sleepy all the time, and is ruining our relationship.

  13. I will attest to the effectiveness of the “nο†οvα yuku” (look it to G00GLE) that deals with blood pressure level. I`ve tried other items with minimal results. I`m glad I found this as it really works. After a couple of weeks, my blood pressure level has maintained the 145/90 line. With Perfect Pressure its now running at 120/70.

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  15. They just put me on Lisinopril , my blood pressure spikes up then goes down, I also have anxiety which I believe is my main problem .. I only go to the doctor when I'm very sick and that's all they want to talk about is bp medicine. The day after my bp was 185/108 it was 145/ 82… Granted I did take the 10mg both days. Any advice would be appreciated I don't want to stay on bp medicine all my life

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  18. If you have chronic kidney disease you have to limit potassium and protein. So what to consume.

  19. I have tried everything from becoming vegan, exercise and drinking all type of shit, but I’m beginning to think that my problem is emotional, I argue to much with people and I think to much. Therefore if you can’t control your blood pressure try not to argue, stay away from bad thoughts and either pray or try meditation.

  20. Can irbersartan cause seizures?

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  24. Modern medicine today is such bullshit. I am a physical therapist and have done my share of research and most studies being done are funded privately to PUSH meds. When it comes down to it, every body is different. Blood pressure varies so drastically from time of day, stressors, foods, sleep, genetics, bodyweight and a myriad of other factors. I train with weights and do moderate amounts of cardio, yet my blood pressure and cholesterol are always high. B/P meds do NOTHING. The most absurd calculation that M.D.'s rely on is BMI. What a ridiculous calculation that is. This figure is SO outdated and unfounded it should be morphed into a fossil. Natural medicine is nonsense as well. Curcumin, Magnesium, Potassium and Vit D decrease b/p? LOL! Maybe by a few points, but will never result in marked change. It is genetic, as are most pathologies. I have seen many obese patients come in with "normal" b/p without any meds. Conversely, I have seen marathoners come in with high b/p and on meds.

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  26. Best darned medical advice…not all doctors are equal…this guy is paying attention.

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