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Veeramachaneni Rama Krishna Explains About High Fat Diet For Weight Loss, Diabetic Control | V6 News

Veeramachaneni Rama Krishna Explains About High Fat Diet For Weight Loss, Diabetic Control.

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  2. How fat reduces weight…? please provide scientific reasons?

  3. mee diet anii chestamu tharavatha maaku emaina ayithe evaru badyulu?

  4. Sir nenu 64 kg unna na age 24 nenu police paniki try chesthunna em cheyyali

  5. sir I am suffering ASTHAMA since last 40 years, at present I am using inhaler 10 to 14 pumps daily shall I use the is if possible reply in telugu

  6. superb naku sugar taggindi tq sir

  7. Actually my father-in-law has been doing this diet from the past five months and sugar levels are in controlled but after he stopped the diet again sugar levels started increasing….how is it possible sir. You only said that after doing this diet for three months sugar levels are under controlled for life long and if they consume 1 sweet daily also sugar wont attack ….but its not true…..you were wrong…………………….. Untill one is doing this diet they will be free from problems once they came out from this diet program all diseases will counter attack them…..please guys think logically dont follow anyone
    with blindfold….take care….

  8. I don't know Telugu please translate all the videos in English language so that everyone can understand

  9. Very dangerous diet in we will get lot of prblms

  10. Sir mee next meeting ekkada untundi

  11. mimu full day fosting lo undali sir yala diet yala chalaye sir plz plz plz

  12. sir ramdian month loo diet yala chalaye sir plz send massage sir plz plz

  13. Sir please please give me sugestion to Fallow these 4pillers control gastric and ulser

  14. Ur dait plan is good but ramzan month Lo weight loss avvachhu plz video cheyyandi thank you sir

  15. na age 30yers whait 53 kani pottavundhi sir

  16. achamaina neyyi ippudu ekkadundi sir

  17. One year is not enough for a scientific study. You can't invent medicine because you are not a medical man.your diet is copied diet extracted from different data's from.internet can you treat complications of diabetes with your copied diet.. Dr k udayasankar innovator of infantile colic treatment with 5 years clinical Study & iñovator of scorpion sting treatment with 12 years study & mnemonics for kwashiorkor & marasmus with 7 years study & contributor to 100 international medical text books in the world. I studied In London & Singapore & worked in foreign countries for more than 10 years.i don't t accept vrk diet it has no scientific proof.

  18. sir, nenu start chesi 8days avtundhi 5kg loss ayyanynu, after tea days fat entha quantity tesukovali

  19. This is really a amazing dite thanks to vrk. I lost 5kg in one week. I was 62 n now 57. My husband has diabetes his super level was 160 t0180 now his sugar is 98.
    I just want to clarify few doubts, my husband have clot in heart and he is Dvt patient as well will this dite cure that also. He is using blood thinner bcz his blood is thick due to which he clots former in deep veins.

  20. Sir Balnagar Hyderabad lo meeting petandi.

  21. ma amma garu liquid diet chesaru 10 days nest day vomtings nirasam chala ekkuvaga unay enduku ani

  22. Sir potta taggadaniki chepandi

  23. I don’t understand why this much hype you people are creating I am also staying in Dubai and started following up this diet past 60 days my Pasting sugar 140 become 140 only after 30 days of my diet again I started one table and more warring factor is Cholesterol, my cholesterol become 200 to 500 within in 60 days it is very dangerous think and started statin drug as I don’t have cholesterol drug before, any one can help my kindly call or message me +971554598606

  24. sir ….i lost my weight 19kgs in 28 days sir…..its absolutely working sir

  25. E diet atleast 2 days ayina cheyyacha

  26. can we eat raw mango,amala sir

  27. More…details 9618269611

  28. Agreed 100 % with machineni , Simple carbohydrates(white rice,fast foods,refined carbohydrates) are the main cause of diabeties . prefer complex hydrates(whole wheat chapati not packaged wheat flour , oats , ragi etc ) .Put simply prefer natural foods , eat fruits/vegetables instead of juices

  29. Sar 25 grms oil oka sari tisukovacha

  30. Sir hyderabad lo program..pettandi…pls.

  31. Sar marrege kani vari e dait cheya vacha problems aydyna vastaya

  32. Annayya naku elargy undi plz anayya emi vadali

  33. Really u r a god ramakrishna sir

  34. E diet lo manam grean tea badulu ga black zeera tea thagavacha thagachu no problem weight loss avtharu ante I will done Kani thagakudadhu ante am leave it plz tell me sir

  35. your diet is super sir

  36. Hi sir nenu day nundi liquid dite chestunna .ela chesenappudu fever anipesty tablet vesukovacchha plz reply sir

  37. Annayya garu nenu 10 days lekveed daeit chesha assalu weht lass kaledandy sugar 230 nunchi 105 ki vacindi yelagany pls reply

  38. I agree with…
    It is the truth..no "CURE"..

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