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WALKING AT 3 mph || Is Walking Cardio?

Hi, in 2005 I turned 35 & became a Vegetarian for health reasons. Then I became a Raw Vegan, got good results & learnt from my mistakes. Even so, I felt healthier, stronger & ran faster than I used to in my 20’s. In 2011 life threw curved balls at me & I fell off the wagon, but I’ve bounced back. My goals now are to be healthier, stronger, faster & to become the best version of myself. I plan to smash all my P.B’s in running, from 200m to 21km & what better than a High Carb Low Fat Vegan Lifestyle to do it with. Trust me it works!..Longterm! Follow me on my journey back to fitness, watch from my first workout, do them if you like. They are easy & progressive. I’ll give you advice, tips & share my Vegan experiences. I want to help spread the Vegan message, save animals from the slaughter house and slow down the destruction of our planet. Finally, big thanks to the Man above, family & friends for their love & support. Shout out to Harley & Freelee, Raw Till 4 rocks, much respect, bless!


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  1. American 2.5 speed is way slower than 2.5 speed in the UK. UK 2.5 to USA is like a 3.5 speed or over on the treadmill. USA 2.5 speed is seems very slow

  2. Walking IS cardio for those who are seriously out of shape.

    Burns 100 calories or more every 30 minutes. That's more then good enough to get someone started.

  3. Want an awesome cardio workout walking at 3mph on a treadmill? Put the incline all the way up to max 15 and don't hold on. Burns a TON of cals and gets your HR as high as running!

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