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Weekend Update: Pete Davidson on Mental Health – SNL

Pete Davidson explains how SNL could help ease his depression.


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  1. “No no no I was born depressed” lol mood

  2. That PetSmart commercial in the beginning was very misleading.
    "No, I'm like depressed!"

  3. That doctor was not lying though…the rap videos are pretty great.

  4. Hey Pete. I'm 26. Clinically depressed Borderline with PTSD Threatening to drink bleach to my abusive father in grade school. Where is my love and understanding? Do you understand fully? Feels like you're milking it… Can top all your shit guaranteed. Used to like you… Because i learned of your Borderline diagnosis not long after mine. Damn.

  5. Plot twist: The hosts he has to kiss are all guys

  6. Wow I didnt expect him to be borderline. Same though. Existence is pain my man

  7. I thought NYC the people, already voted to discontinue the main office of mental hospitals. Why was St Mary’s Hospital, and other facilities removed from NYC? I could be wrong, I already witnessed strange activities around NYC areas, not returning to school, not returning to work, and there still NORMAL. I already sent a message to MD doctors, if there’s a possibility to remodel all hospitals, without any contamination, that is already spreading through out the country. I follow my doctors for a yearly check, Dental, Optical, MD, etc. If anyone disagrees about Mental issues, you have to send the message to nyc.gov. There are the authorities to remodel any mistakes.

  8. Although funny, depression comes from feeling purposelessness & hopelessness. We have a void in our hearts (soul) that can only be filled with Jesus Christ. I pray he finds God through revelation & Pete seeks The Most High because Earth is not our final home & life continues forever after death. It's very important we make peace with God (Yahuah) and have our sins forgiven before we face Judgement, because our Eternal sentence is forever. Bliss in Heaven with Christ, the angels, the Church , the Father & the Holy Spirit; or hell with Satan & all the demons in the lake of fire.

  9. Pete Davidson is to this Generations SNL as the original cast was to my generation

  10. Hes actually one of my favorite cast members 😂 i definitely want more pete davidson on here!

  11. #1 solution is smoke sum ganja

  12. 'BPD' is a real rollercoaster of a life yo…

  13. Please use Pete in more sketches , please! I can’t say please enough… he speaks for so many of us and when we see him, there is a ray of hope we can make it out.

  14. Please use Pete in more sketches , please! I can’t say please enough… he speaks for so many of us and when we see him, there is a ray of hope we can make it out.

  15. Must been on the spot. Not he woulda gotten away with that if it was run by them before the show.

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