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What Does a Mental Illness Feel Like? (Depression & Anxiety) – 2019 (True Story)

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http://www.TransformingStigma.com/nervous-breakdown.html In this video, mental illness speaker and stigma expert, Mike Veny, describes what it’s like to live life with mental illness during his Transforming Stigma™ presentation.

As quoted by Veny:

“Picture a stove! A really BIG restaurant stove. There are 4 burners, each set to high heat. 3 of the burners have a frying pan on them and one has a stock pot on it. Each frying pan contains boiling lard. IT’S HOT!

* In frying pan #1, my obsessive-compulsive disorder is cooking. You said something to me a few years ago, and it’s still on my mind. I can’t stop thinking about it. It’s triggering frying pan #2.
* In frying pan #2, my anxiety is cooking. I can feel it in my chest right now. It’s getting worse and triggering frying pan #3.
* In frying pan #3, my anger is cooking. NOW I’M ANGRY!
I then take each frying pan, one by one, and pour it into the stock pot. I close the lid on the stock pot as the combination of my obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety, and anger cook on high heat. Watch it! This pot is about to boil over.

As I look around my kitchen, the walls are covered in mirrors. There are mirrors everywhere, of all different sizes and shapes. Some are tilted and some are curved – kind of like mirrors in the fun house at a local amusement park. Wherever I choose to look, everything is about me and it’s distorted.

WAIT! The stock pot is about to boil over, but I can’t protect myself from it…because this kitchen is locked.

It’s locked permanently.

I can’t ever get out.

Even as I speak to you right now, I’m stuck in this kitchen. It sucks. It’s annoying. It’s inconvenient. It’s painful.

It is what it is and I guess I just have to accept it.”

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